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The Los Angeles Times Never Heard of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 7th May 2015 11:48am
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While reporting about Tuesday's groundbreaking of Resorts World Las Vegas, the venerable Los Angeles Times (my hometown newspaper!) had the following to say:

For those with TLDR syndrome:

Malaysia-based Genting Group is taking a gamble on Las Vegas by breaking ground on Tuesday on the first new resort to open on the Strip since Aria and CityCenter debuted in 2009.


Big thanks to Mac78130 for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Stapleton especially should know better.

Here's something interesting. Apparently Ms. Stapleton is an employee of Caesars Entertainment as well as a reporter at the L.A. Times. No conflicts there.


She also does pieces for Eater Vegas and I've seen some of her work regurgitated on a variety of sites (Some of the articles at the time they were posted on other sites were months out of date and some of the restaurants in those pieces had been closed for some time.). I seem to recall her calling out Chuckmonster a few years ago in one of her Eater Vegas pieces for living in L.A. John Curtas ripped into her and the rest of the Eater Vegas cabal several weeks ago on his site. One thing to note is that she's also violating the "Eater Ethics Statement" that their "writers" are supposed to abide by. http://www.eater.com/pages/eater-ethics-statement

@vespajet i didn't know about the ethics policy. it is pretty clear what this means:

Employees of Eater may not be otherwise employed by or receive compensation from restaurants and companies that they are likely to cover as part of their news beat, nor are they permitted to have any advisory role (paid or unpaid) at those companies.

My paper also.
There's a reason why it is on a hopeless downhill spiral for readership.
I subscribe just for the sports, the rest of the paper is an unethical rag.

The LA Times is a piece of crap. Completely biased reporting, horrible editing, and their fact checking is abysmal. Not worth $0.25 let alone, what is it now, $1.50?

I would assume the Cosmopolitan commercials run in lA? No excuse for not fact checking something a 10 year old could do

Levans, the person that wrote the article lives in Las Vegas and "writes" articles about Vegas for a multitude of different online media outlets besides the L.A. Times. For someone whose supposed job is to write articles about Las Vegas, this is a glaring oversight on their part.

I would bet it isn't an oversight at all. She just didn't want to mention Cosmo. One of the places her byline appars at seldom, if ever, mentions Cosmo.

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