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VegasTripping: Ep. 8 - Steve

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 7th May 2015 10:33am
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VegasTripping Podcast

Ep. 8 - Steve

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Comments & Discussion:

I love this show.

I'm high right now. So many voices.

John Hall has a wonderful voice.

The bluegill story had me laughing out loud. Anyone who ever fished for gills know that they often swallow the hook. I would pay to observe Misnomer while he watches Steve struggle to dig the hook out of poor little pond bluegill. Also enjoyed the first person stories from Mike and John. Another great episode.

Love the idea of fishing with Steve. "Huckleberry Wynn." I've got a good Steve Wynn story that I can't disclose publicly, but hopefully I'll have a chance to tell people in person at VIMFP.

Interesting and entertaining discourse. I must say that I've stayed at encore tower suites thrice between December and March, and the service levels were as high (if not higher) as ever. Front desk, room service, valet, concierge, spa, dealers, and most in the restaurants expressed the pride in the place which you mentioned was lacking. I was impressed as to how evident the pride was, so I strongly disagree with the opinions to the contrary. I had probably five conversations with longtime employees who had worked at Mirage, then Bellagio, and now Wynn. They all went out of thier way to explain their loyalty to and fondness of the Wynn family. I think you guys who had a bad experience should chalk it up to that--a rare poor showing from the great folks at Wynn.

Let me also offer an opinion that the Wynn experience we all reminisce about (2005-2007) was a time when the resort was figuring itself out. One of the reasons it was so great was that we had the place to ourselves--nobody knew about it and nobody went--it was like a private club. But it's not a club, it's a for-profit business, and they changed to try to become more profitable.

So, I am torn. On the one hand, I long for the days pre-nightclub, when Alex was the place to be. But as a shareholder, I understand the management of the property strives for more profits.

Thanks for the podcast.

Here's some comments related to both the Steve discussion and Vegas Gang #121. Suppose Elaine Wynn gets the financial backing to to oust Steve. Dr. Dave's comment was that Steve's license to the name Wynn expires in 2017. But why couldn't Elaine, whose name is also Wynn, license the name if she was controlling the company? And I'm guessing that Roger Thomas would stay if Elaine was running the show.

Chuck - Interesting if Elaine holds rights to the name as well as part of the divorce settlement... or they allowed for intellectual property split to be paid out in cash. I'd love to read their divorce terms.

Hard to tell what Roger is going to do over the longer term. He appears to be very focused on developing The Roger Thomas Collection of materials and furnishings for other designers to use. After Wynn Palace, he's onto the Wynn Everett project... if he isn't already.

A most enjoyable discussion. (I was actually in Vegas and not listening to podcasts when this was brand new.) I'm somewhat torn between wanting to enjoy my trip, and looking for news stories and analyses when I'm home. At the least I understand enough about the business to infer why the video poker paytables at Caesars were downgraded shortly before my recent visit - a little irritating, but not shocking.

I will probably never meet Steve, but when first I finally saw the Wynn casino, I thought of him as the James Stewart character from "Vertigo". Bellagio was the Kim Novak character he loved and lost, and Wynncore was the second Kim Novak he obsessively labored to transform into his first love.

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