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Resorts World Breaks Ground, Unleashes New Renderings

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 5th May 2015 4:35pm
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Resorts World held a public groundbreaking today and invited the local media types. Not us. They also unleashed a ton of promotional material in the form of renderings and a video. We posted a bunch of these renderings a month ago, but there have been some significant new developments.

The promo video above reveals lots of interesting new features to the building, particularly the giant gold Fu Dogs that flank the Lincoln Center entryway.

The lighting scheme that runs up the side of the building has some incredible implications, the most obvious one being the largest marquee in Las Vegas. YOWZA.

Genting Grand? Hrm. JohnH reminds me that the original Echelon tower was to be split into three portions, a standard room curve, an all suite curve and the high end Shangri La in the spine.

The satellite view clearly shows the tower's modified tri-wing footprint of two curves and a spine.

The west tower (Genting Grand) = all suites. The east tower (Hotel) = regular rooms. The north tower (was Shangri La) = VIP. Those Echelon guys were onto something.

This is what a casino floor is supposed to look like. The carpet kisses the edges of art deco, psychedelic and 11th century Chinese etchings. Red, gold, lights and tan table felts. Yummy.

You can see here that phase 2 has sliced the project right down the middle. Tower two has been replaced with an outdoor amphitheater... a very very cool idea. Sadly, the scallop shell is gone from the top of the pool. Perhaps it will come with phase 2?

They plan on opening this thing in the middle of 2018 at a cost of $4 billion bucks.

James Packer and Andrew Pascal's √Član/Alon project carries a $2.3b price tag and was scheduled for 2017.

You can check out all of the renderings and video here on the RW website.

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Comments & Discussion:

Lincoln Center. Right on.
I like the amphitheater.
I'll be there in 2018.

I love every bit of it - looks different and exciting! I was there for the Wynn opening, I'll be there to see this.

What is in the rising and falling glass ball?

I'll be there in 2018 for the grand opening! Based on the renderings, particularly interiors, this will bring competition at the Wynn level. If I were MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment I would be worried. MGM has dethemed just about all of their properties and the only thing Caesars has that is close to this is Caesars Palace. Don't know how they will be able to even maintain the upkeep of any of their properties considering their financial condition. This project is also going to have an impact on Venetian and Palazzo.

Why was the scallop shell on top of the pool a good thing? Don't people want sun at the pool? The new renderings look closer to Echelon (i.e. pool deck completely covering the podium, not snaking around the foot of the towers. Also the big boxy foyer was an Echelon choice if I'm remembering it right). I've also never been sure about the pagoda village between the street and the hotel. Wasn't the lesson from Citycenter that you don't tuck the casino away in the back?

On the other hand - I did predict that nothing would happen this year on the site, so I'll take a big helping of crow on that.

Love everything I see. I can't wait for this to be a reality.
A question about typical casino openings in Vegas.
I was in town (just coincidentally) when Encore opened. It seemed like other then a bunch of well dressed people and some free champagne there wasn't much fanfare. I have heard that was kind of a quiet opening though.
Either way, I plan on being in town when this one comes to life!

I'm so excited about this project finally breaking ground, it's great to see a new casino company operating on the strip. I hope there will be something done with Fontainebleau across the street soon, I hate looking at the disaster every trip to Vegas.

I also intend to be there in 2018 for the opening.

It looks like the former Westward Ho land will be parking, which will be in full view of the VIP wing (as if having to look at Circus Circus wasn't bad enough). It also appears that they will have quite a bit of surface parking in addition to the parking deck tucked in the back corner of the property.

Why not tuck the casino away in the back? Bellagio's front door is actually further from the street than Aria's is. Most walk-up business at Wynn filters through the esplanade, a mall, just like the Via Bellagio shops and Crystals.

Maybe the difference is the smaller thoroughfares.

They're having to work with what they were given, and quite a bit of the steel and for the for the casino and other low-rise spaces was already in place at the time they acquired the property (I got a good look at this last year when I stayed at Trump and took a photo of it.), any changes now would require tearing down what was already in place and put the completion date even later.

It all looks amazing. Can't wait for it to open. Finally, a reason to go that far down the Strip aside from the ATM in CVS.

I'm trying to understand the floorpan. Where is the casino? The porte-cochere? What's the planned pedestrian traffic flow into the complex? Chuck or John, you should annotate the renderings as best as you can tell, because I have no idea.

I had some familiarity with Echelon so I can hazard a few guesses to answer your questions - with the caveat that Genting could have changed anything. The pool complex is the roof of the casino. There's two levels under there: the ground floor is primarily casino, the second level is prmarily restaurant. Then there's a floor 2.5, a "membrane" level to support the pool.

There are several porte cocheres. The main one feeds into the square looking structure with the checkerboard roof that you see in the last picture. That's the grand entrance that (at Echelon at least) was going to have some kind of light and water feature. The suite tower and VIP tower have smaller, separate arrival ports on the north side. The big white building in the foreground, left, is a 4,000 seat theater.

Back in 2008 I asked a Boyd person, after Morgans Hotel Group had pulled out, why Boyd didn't just complete the wholly-owned portion of the resort, open it, and then save the remaining towers for a future phase 2? He said it wouldn't work - the scope of the casino, the F&B, the retail, the entertainment, it was all sized to serve a 5,000 hotel room campus. Open with 3,000 rooms and the return on investment in those departments would not be sufficient.

So now we're going to actually test that prediction, since Resorts World will be opening without the extra towers and (I think) without the convention center (which was going in the northwest corner).

Pretty cool looking! Looks like Wynncore if Stevie had gone Asian all the way!

It was my understanding that the porte cochere for the main high-rise, the Echelon tower, was near the center of the complex. A guest checking into the Shangri-La tower would have continued to the north side of the property to some kind of more discreet entry.

Resorts World appears to be attempting to maximize the frontage of the property to the street with the themed roofs of shops and the Lincoln Center plaza. The entry for both tower offerings appears to be just north of the high-rise, a la the north side of Encore and the Encore Tower Suites. The porte cochere on the southern side of the complex appears to have survived with some modifcation from the the original masterplan. Given how quickly Encore turned its Strip-facing porte cochere over, I'm guessing it wouldn't be out of the question if they wanted to drop a phase two element right there later on and still maintain the access to Las Vegas Boulevard. Proximity to the casino and Genting Grand side will probably make the south porte cochere the preferred entry for invited guests and high rollers. Seems reasonable that the casino is probably everything under the pool deck seen in the rendering. I bet the symmetry of the casino when you walk into the casino from the east plaza is going to give Asian guests superstition wood.

MattK: Where did you see that Resorts World is opening without the convention center? It's still represented in the renderings.

Still crazy how much of the parcel will remain undeveloped when Resorts World opens this monster. The entire section north of the tower is just an empty parking lot in the renderings, the space up to Industrial will remain a parking lot according the renderings. Crazy options open to owners with deep pockets.

Oh, and the über themed pedestrian catwalk over Las Vegas Boulevard is killer.

Sorry, I'm 100% wrong about the location of the main porte cochere and the absence of the convention center. Too much corn liquor in my Total this morning.

Looks pretty damn sweet.

This looks spectacular! It's exciting that Genting is opening a new themed resort in Las Vegas.

Maybe now MGM will realize that they took de-theming too far. Re-theming the casinos would be an inexpensive way for MGM resorts to sell themselves as new and improved.

It's...it's... beautiful.

Wow... Just wow.

I can't wait for this; and truly hope themeing returns. CET (already in deep poo) is in deep, deep, deep trouble. I see this as a shot across the proverbial bow. Genting aims for mid-tier players, and given their choices, would you rather stay at LinkPerial Quadlace? Or here? A place with personality, that wasn't stitched together over three decades.
C'mon.... Everyone in town should be on *big* notice; you guys have 3 years... Get it together.

Still pulling for this one to come through, in any type of version they want to do it in. And definitely hoping it comes out close to their renderings.

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