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By Chuckmonster on Monday, 4th May 2015 2:28pm
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Eleven years ago, after a black eye blackjack binge at the foul-era Plaza sent us scurrying to the safety of Golden Nugget's Carson Street Cafe, the brilliant woman whom one day would decide that we should get married hit upon another one of her great ideas - the internet needed a website that presented the unvarnished gonzo truth about a Vegas trip. One that was devoid of airbrushed PR photos, corporate messaging and canned hyperbole. With the concept fully formed, we began doodling on a keno card and - amidst an archipelago of ketchup blobules - settled upon a name:


Upon arriving at home the next day, we immediately purchased the VegasTripping.com domain name and set out on an unintended odyssey that has grown beyond anything either of us could have imagined.

VegasTripping is older than YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and "Star Wars Day." We've outlasted MySpace, Friendfeed, Alex Yemenidjian and the Carson Street Cafe where our idea was hatched. We've made great friends. We've made great enemies. We've made great friends who became enemies. Such is life.

This year, me and MissMonkay are compelled to give the greatest thanks, shout outs and love to MikeE, JohnH and Misnomer (in order of appearance) for their unwavering dedication to the VT mission statement, their amazing friendship and immeasurable amount of laughs we've shared. These guys are the real deal and I'm so proud of the work we've done this year in our pages, our social streams and the VegasTripping podcast (we've had scheduling problems recently, new episode is coming soon I promise.) If only you could read the Trippers group text stream. Grazie.

A big chunk of the juiciest finds we share on VT are because of the dedicated and incredible work of super elusive, supremely lovable and semi-retired internet ferret, Mr. Mac78130. Mac, you are the best... we love you and miss you dearly.

I know that all of us would like to thank our dear friends, Tim & Michele Hundy for their unending love and friendship. As they often say on their runaway hit Five Hundy By Midnight podcast, "we all came up together." Behind the minor league wit, this statement really means something. Collectively, we've rode the ebb and flow of slumps and tears, sacrificing to move runners and delivering little chin music to deserving dickwads.

My fellow Vegas Gangsters, Dr. Dave and Hunter, words can hardly convey how much it meant to me that you guys patiently stuck with me during my meltdown last year, offering support and the space I needed to figure things out. You guys are my sure bet.

Relatedly, to my partner and commander-at-sea of the VIMFP armada, Admiral Hillegas, thank you endlessly for your time and endless patience sharing sage advice, counseling, technical advice and friendship. I'd marry you just to re-arrange your silverware and ruffle your feathers.

VT reader #1 Vespajet. You were the first guy to read, comment and participate on VegasTripping, and I suspect you'll be last one too. You are the bedrock upon which this community is formed. Same goes for our Canadian delegation, DonnyMac and Spyder. Grazie grazie and grazie.

VT superduperfriends Middleclassbuzz and Vajohna you guys are a daily inspiration by your creativity and class. Grazie.

And finally, big thanks to you, the VT readers for coming here and participating in what is going on here. Without you, this site wouldn't exist. We're not eleven years old. We're one louder. In addition to VIMFP, we've got great things planned for VT this year.

Yours in yo,

- your friendly neighborhood Chuckmonster.

Big thanks to Vajohna for suggesting the clip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Chuckmonster...thank you! VegasTripping is the first place I go online when I hear about anything Las Vegas that I need more information on. I feel I know many of the contributors, but of course I've never met any of you. I try to only offer well thought out, interesting comments on The Board...and I still consider it an honor that Dr. Dave himself took the time to, in his own tweeted words, "write 400 words" on my Board post "What would you do with the Flamingo?" (http://tinyurl.com/k52ycjj). I'm trying my best to attend VIMFP this year for the first time...it's my birthday weekend!

I just wanted to thank you Chuck and the entire VT team for all your amazing work on Vegastripping! I'm always looking forward to read your take on the latest Vegas news and listen to your latest podcast. Hopefully you'll allow me to buy you all a round of drinks at VIMFP and rolls some dice with the Monster. Happy Birthday VT!

This date is always special to me. It's around the same time I started working at Bellagio and I remember being bored out of my mind sitting in an office with nothing to do until one day I stumbled onto this site and after years of spending way too much time on VT and then actually getting to meet Chuck and The Gang (btw great name for a lounge act) was pretty awesome.

Can you think of any other site where you can (or want to) meet the people behind the scenes?

Luv ya Chuck!

it was spring 2008 and i was working at the new york philharmonic, bored out of my skull and daydreaming about vacations. i decided i would meet a friend from LA in vegas in august of that year. that was my first trip to paradise without my folks and i was having a hell of a time figuring out a place to stay. that's when i found VT (i ended up staying at TI, btw...it was just after the renovations and it was awesome). i've been checking the site daily ever since; and commenting when it feels right (or at least funny). i've been to the past three vimfps (sadly i have to miss this year's due to work scheduling constraints) and i've met so many of the freaks and riff raff that frequent this site along with the owners, operators, and contributors that make it all worth while.
chuck, mike, monkay, john, aaron: thanks for the last 7 years and happy 11. here's to the next 21!

Thank you for all you've given us! Here's to 11 more!

Chuckmonster, you rock! See you in October.

Vegas Tripping is the first website I hit up when I boot my computer up in the morning. I don't get to Vegas as often as I use to but the site helps me get my fix between trips.

Question of curiosity for everyone. Back in the early to mid 1990's there use to be a magazine out (it was on nice paper) called Las Vegas Style. This is before the internet exploded. I remember going to the grocery store and waiting for that mag to come in every month. It was kink of a precursor to a Vegas Website (not saying Chuck got his idea from the mag). Does anyone know of/remember that magazine? It use to have different sections to it on entertainment, gambling, and my favorite Las Vegas Casino industry happenings/news. I wish I hadn't thrown out the copies I had oh so many years ago. I was just wondering what ever happened to the publishers of that mag.

Thanks again for the great site Chuck! May the casino gods of luck bestow a Mega Bucks Progressive onto to you and your significant other!

In the sincerest possible way, as only an internet comment can convey, you are one of my heroes. From the mission statement to the logo, the earnest words and the Resorts World announcement to Bill's Doody. My Monday through Sunday wouldn't be the same without this site and the people who I've shared stories, alcohol, and time with because of its existence. It's true, I've met some of my best friends in the world because of VegasTripping. So many hearts on your anniversary.

This was the first site I actually joined in on message board comments, and thoughs. Thanks to all the gang at VT, you guys are one of the reasons I love Vegas as much as I do. October will be a blast as always, and Misnomer, if you get stuck in a check inline, just shoot me a message and your Canadian friends will be there with booze to save the day!!!

Also thanks DonnyMac for getting me here! And to Vegas the first time!

Long live VT!


Thank you again, it's not easy putting something together for 1 year much less 11, I know there have been some challenges along the way.

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