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It's Like Bellagio On Acid

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 10th April 2015 4:31pm
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I have seen a cache of photos documenting the room renovations coming to Mandalay Bay later this year. These renovations will replace the number room renovations from the mid/late-aughts that replaced Mandalay Bay's original room product.

I'm pretty sure that these new designs will generate a very wide array of strongly held opinions. Fisticuffs, even.

Of the sampling of people whom I've privately shared few of these images with, opinions ranged from "I kind of really like it" to "awful" to "bold" to "is that our new podcasting nook?" Yes on all counts.

These rooms roll three of MGM's recent room redesign concepts - Delano's 2014 rebrand of THEhotel, Bellagio's 2011 rooms and Mirage's 2008 rooms - into a 20th century designgasm of mid-century smoothness, Nixon-era psychedelia and enviro-earthiness. From Bellagio we get a selection of room palettes defined by detailed allover prints of mineral thin cuts. From Delano, we get soft, cool and comfy Danish inspired mid-century furnishings plus stained pine paneling and parquet. From Mirage we get a dose of retro-psychedelic Muppetry and nearly comical array of outrageously trippy patterns.

I'm going to guess that your opinion on these rooms will depend on whether or not you lived through the 1970's. If you didn't, you'll see upholstery that arouse your Hermés scarf lust. If you did you'll remember loud and fat paisley ties from the days when turquoise was chic. If you didn't, you'll see pillowcases with a very similar print to the dress you our your girlfriend bought at Free People. If you did, you'll see vintage loungewear patterns live and direct from the boudoir of your grandmother and/or Helen Roper). Note: Suzanne Somers. Dude... there's giraffe print curtains... floor to ceiling of course!

The new rooms will come in a selection of least three mineral flavors... trippy, psychedelic and whoa. I've dedicated my life to studying rock, but not this kind. Any arm chair geologists out there? Each of these decor styles come in king and dual queen configs.

My reactions arrived in quick succession: Shock. Awe. Repulsion. Derision. Disbelief. Laughter. More disbelief. And then... intrigue. The more I study the designs, the more I started to like them. I found my way in by aiming my eyes low and avoiding the parts of the rooms that looks like a polished piece of schist. Now, I'm ready to go buy a maroon turtleneck, a wool cardigan with matching leather buttons and elbow patches, mow in some mutton chops, butter up a perm, slip into some Rayon slacks and side-zip Beatle boots just to look for a booking at Mandalay Bay. Forget the gilded age kids, being hip now is all about the early 1970's. I'm ok with this. The décor suits the drugs. Perhaps Mandalay finally caught a case of disco fever.

All rooms will be fit with bar top/entertainment center/dresser combo, a desk with ample media ports and - depending on configuration - a seating area that could be big white chairs or puffy red chairs that look like a puckered pink pair of lips. Reeeeeally.

The bathrooms are going to be mostly refreshed with a sleek and shiny gray/granite/silver/chrome palette. The walls will be covered with a silver wallpaper with a blue vein grain. New dark cabinetry will be topped with lighter stone countertops and mini-tile backsplash atop which will hang a luxuriously large, internally lit mirror. Existing white sinks and faucet fixtures are staying but the miniature tub TV is going away. Also staying will be the bathtubs and the stripe tile thing in the showers.

The Podcasting Nook

In addition to the rooms, the suite product (above) will also be getting a complete refresh, which is more about light and wood than the the standard rooms' second-set-of-a-Grateful-Dead-show vibe.

With Encore's mini-upgrade on the horizon and Mandalay Bay now scheduled for a late 2015 refresh, we can assume that the Mirage's standard rooms are in the queue for full renovation as well.

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Comments & Discussion:

I actually like this. The podcasting nook looks like it could double as Roger Sterling's office.....

Very cool! I like wild, hippy, trippy! I'm in Vegas on vacation to P-A-R-T-Y, gamble and have FUN in an environment with that type of vibe and definitely not a staid, corporate one which I can get at the local Hilton, Marriot, etc.

I like this too. Much better than the antiseptic Ikea look they could have easily fallen back on.

Wow... Neo-Mod...

I agree with the others, I kinda like it. This is almost like the "correct" evolution of 60s to 70s styling.

Still think the Bellagio rooms are all wrong but then they just shoved a starlight cathedral into the casino so...

Love it. Great use of colors that fit the vibe of the resort. Would make Mandalay a nice deal when you add in the pool

Add me to the lover list. And this isn't typically my style - current fave is Aria.

You can't see the stains as easily...

Bold colors, i like it. Looks like somewhere I would want to stay

That nook is everything. It's a community coke den or where you take five on the set of a porno. And since when have we been this unanimously positive on something that wasn't done by Roger Thomas?

I think I'm in love.

I don't kinda like it. I love it! After being so disappointed in Bellagio's renovations, maybe there's hope for MGM Resorts.

Base room looks good. The chairs in the suite look too loud though. If they want something that pops like that, make it an accent.

i know where i'm staying in april 2016, man.
holy shit.

Very cool!

I dig it as well. Can't wait to stay there!

Now....mix these with actual psychadelics....

I like the curtains and the carpet, and even for the carpet I'm being kind of nice, the rest I hate, especially those chairs in the 2nd picture, I wondered where my grandmother's furniture went to. Ick.

Just left from a five day stay in a standard King which was just as shown. The colors and decore do pop when first encountered but become actually much less forward and more muted to the eye quickly.

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