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Exclusive: The Wynn Macau VIP Junket Room

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 24th March 2015 4:51pm
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Here's a special treat - photos of the brand new VIP junket rooms at Wynn Macau, sent over to us by the man responsible for the design - Wynn Vice President of Design and Development Roger Thomas.

This thing right here is where the highest of the highest rollers on planet Earth come to gamble. No shit, when I say that these rooms are the state-of-the-state-of-the-art of VIP gaming experience design - they opened about a month ago.

Entry Foyer

Players arrive through these doors with their junket hosts and are escorted to the cage, tables or private salons. They are greeted with mystery and epic radiance. May the gates of Heaven look so good. Or Hell, depending on your choice.

WynnMacau VIP Entry Lobby

The hugging, curved entry walls not only welcome guests, they eliminate corners where good luck can be trapped from entering the room. They also echo the perfume bottle reminiscent shape of Encore Macau's tower. Stunning detail, elegant opulence and gentle grace.

WynnMacau VIP Entry Doors

A beautiful, cloud-like inverted dome and floats over head the host stand. The spiral scallops of the chandelier give the impression that the fixture organically sprouted from the skies. Every thing gold and creme with delicate brushed artwork in the three panel partition which separates the lobby and main gaming room. Simply breathtaking.

WynnMacau VIP Entry Stand

The Main Room

Six gaming tables circle the room with attendant chairs and relaxation areas. To the center left is the casino cage, the far corner are VIP bathrooms (cc JohnH), The entry doors on the right wall are labeled Salon 5 and Salon 6

WynnMacau VIP Junket Main Room

The cage in detail. Notice the detailed cloud-like architectural millwork.

WynnMacau VIP Junket Cage

This is the far corner in greater detail. Two restrooms to the left, Salon 5 and a TV console table at the far wall.... all doorways are ringed with bling and mirrors. Casino center consists not of a pit boss perch but flowers, a vase and small gold sculpture. The low lamps on pedestals add an eye level intimacy and provide a distraction from peeping eyes at other tables.

WynnMacau VIP Junket Room Center

Magnified... we can peep into Salon 5. I see big money and a big monkey.

WynnMacau VIP Junket Salon5

Gaming chairs feature some neat bejeweled line design on their backs as well as gold inlay of the Wynn Crest near at the crest of the back.

WynnMacau VIP Junket Main Chairs

Salon 6. Eye spy a ginormous tassel and two outrageous flavors of door and wall frame bling. The real star amidst this gorgeousness is the spectacular combination of light fixture and the red grained wall covering that reflects it. Holy moly.

WynnMacau VIP Junket Salon

Moving over, the TV console with those luscious lamps and wall coverings. Truly psychedelic. The console table is a certified gem with mirrored frame, hammered high shine copper, metallic tops, framed tv and some of the sleekest table legs you'll ever see.

WynnMacau VIP Junket Tv

One interesting trend in these designs is the round cloud-like millwork design. We've seen them here, the Wing Lei renovations and a few supposed Wynn Palace rendering leaks. It is such a simple concept... you look up, you see graceful, candy like, fantasy clouds... I'm surprised this symbolic representation isn't all over everything. And, no, I don't mean the fake cloud sky paintings that grace the drop ceilings of Paris and Venetian. Look out Lando... your cloud hotel is coming to Cotai.

WynnMacau VIP Junket Cloud Molding

If there is one thing I can say about the new VIP Junket Room at Wynn Macau it is that every corner of this room is the most delicious eye candy I'll never taste in person.

Wynn Palace Cotai opens in one year... barring tragedy, I will see you all there.

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Comments & Discussion:

Jesus titty-fucking christ!

I don't even know what to say. Totally speechless.

Holy fuck. This is amazing. I am hoping he does a similar spread when Wynn Palace opens. Wow.

OK Steve, all is forgiven. (Yeah, I'm easy.)

No CCTV bubbles on the ceiling. is this a Macau-specific or VIP/high limit specific feature? How do they monitor play?

Amazing. Wish I could make a trip there

I'm conflicted. Don't know what space is more beautiful. The entrance to the Wynn Macau VIP Junket Room or the entrance to the Encore spa? The entrance to the Junket room looks like one of the nicest spaces ever. Even nicer than the actual room itself. Thank you Roger for sharing with us mere mortals and thank you Chuck for posting and putting together this awesome site.

I'm with Jimmybond,where's the eye in the sky ? Do they have different rules about that for salons in Macao ?

The security cameras have most likely been photoshopped out. If you take a look at other Wynn D&D interior shots, those cameras are usually absent.


With the way things are going in Macau, how crowded it is right now in the pics is about how busy its gonna be for a while there. Nice design though...but isnt it a bit bright in there????

^Exactly what hobgoblin7777 said. And Chuck, and everyone else above....

Every detail, every last combination of color and shape and form. And function -- wheeled chairs, even?

I'm surprised the gaming tables are traditional green and not some tan or golden hue, but somehow it offsets the rest of the room perfectly and reminds us of what it's for.

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