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Resorts World Las Vegas Construction Is Imminent

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 13th March 2015 10:53am
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Resorts World Las Vegas filed for permits with the Clark County Zoning Commission to make "Temporary Aesthetic Improvements" to the property under Title 30 of Commission code.

Resorts World is planning on building two showroom/preview centers on property which will include retail sales and live entertainment in the form of performers in traditional Chinese dragon costumes. A sound system will play music and announcements. The 21k sq2 North Center will be surrounded by a small parking lot at the north eastern corner of the property (near Viva McDonalds). The area surrounding the preview center will be landscaped and fitted with a promotional signage and sound system. The smaller 1.1k sq2 South Center will be located at the Resorts World Drive entrance from Las Vegas Boulevard. These structures will remain as part of the entrance to the resort when construction is complete.

The center of the [South Preview] structure is a building with a Chinese themed facade and a pagoda style roof supported by columns. The roofing material is concrete tile. On each side of the building will be an approximate 75 foot long, maximum 30 foot high wall designed to look like the Great Wall of China. The northern preview center is 66 feet in height and has a Chinese theme. The building has a pagoda style roof with columns. The exterior of the building is covered in decorative glass.

 The screen wall is 25 to 35 feet in height with some architectural embellishments extending approximately 10 feet above the wall. Portions of the wall will consist of various images and other portions of this wall will consist of Chinese themed art and artist renderings of the future resort hotel.

The entire perimeter of the property will circled with a 35 foot tall wooden fence - two-and-a-half times the height of normal construction barriers.

The wall is intended to screen the unfinished project and later screen the construction of the Resorts World Resort Hotel.

The filing states that Resorts World Las Vegas is "in the final design development stage with certain components being scheduled for start of construction."

Get ready for that new casino smell!

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Comments & Discussion:

Bring on the cranes!

I can't wait! I am really psyched to see something interesting with a theme again - that's what I liked most about Vegas before the turn. It will bring me back to the city again.

I just cant wait to see resorts world Las Vegas to happen.

I'm not convinced of the "theme." That traditional style architecture is going to be very maintenance intensive considering all the details and the climate of Vegas, and if they half ass it in terms of materials and craftsmanship, it will look very tacky and age quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if the traditional elements get scaled back, and it ends up as a "lite" theme in favor of modern design interpretations, sort of a Mandarin Oriental kind of vibe.

I agree with Talktobrent.

The external façade just reaches the "too much" territory. The buildings are fantastically reminiscent of Asian-ness all by themselves. A more abstracted, more minimal take with a distinctly Asian style would convey the theme more tastefully. The building would still look awesome and still have a good amount of Vegas-y flamboyance and style.

Something doesn't need an overdose of pagodas in order to feel Asian.

This should be the start of the upgrade of the far end of the Strip. Sahara will be gone soon but this will more than replace it.

Back in the day Flamingo Blvd and Las Vegas Blvd (where Ballys (formerly MGM), Caesars, Dunes (now Bellagio), and Flamingo are) was termed the famous four corners. After Excalibur, MGM, and NYNY opened that was termed as the new four corners. Although these buildings won't be in a corner I see the new construction on the North Strip as the third four corners as you will have Elan, Resorts World, and Wynn/Encore all in close proximity of each other.

Elan (when open) and Wynn/Encore clearly target the high end demographic. I am under the impression that Resorts World will do the same. Especially considering the database of players they will have to draw from their Asian properties. At the same time I also see Resorts World potentially targeting multiple demographics. From what I have heard it seems they will build out the project in phases. There business model seems to have similarities with the second MGM Grand (the big green monster at Tropicana and LV Blvd.). The MGM sits on a large contiguous parcel of property as does Resorts World. The original MGM Grand included an amusement park (where the Signature Towers are today). From what I've heard Resorts World has plans to build a large indoor water park. Although this isn't an amusement park I can see it being a draw to families and younger adults.

When I go to Vegas I (and I assume most people) tend to gravitate to properties between Mandalay Bay and Wynn/Encore. From what I've seen room rates are lower at Luxor and Mandalay Bay than properties that lie between LV Blvd & Tropicana and LV Blvd & Sands Ave (when comparing Mandalay Bay and Luxor to properties targeting the same demographic). I'm assuming that is due in part to supply and demand. When these new properties open (RW and Elan) I wonder if the South End of the Strip will feel a bit more of a hit? Will your Las Vegas Explorer, who sough a change of pace, and ventured to South Strip (Tropicana, Luxor, Mandalay Bay) reduce his time spent there since there is just more to do up North now?

I for one can't wait for the new properties to open. Hopefully I can make it to opening night. Nothing like that new casino smell. As others have said people want the themes brought back. I'm sure casino companies, especially MGM, did away with the due to cost. A few years ago I stayed at NYNY and had friends who were staying at MGM Grand across the street. The rooms looked very very very similar. One could tell the furnishings probably came from the same vendor. I think the mid and high end Caesars Entertainment properties (i.e. Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Paris) will feel the hit from the new comers and MGM as well. Caesars Entertainment is in pretty sad financial shape so who knows how much they can/will do to react to the competition. MGM on the other hand seems to be in ok condition. Wonder if they will restore themes to any of their properties to win back some of their lost business (let's face it - they are not going to be preemptive)?

The other thing I wonder is how the new comers will affect Wynn/Encore long term. I'm sure they will see a bit of a hit (especially in their high end Baccarat play) when the new properties come on board, but will the long term impact be? Could this be of benefit to them? The last time I remember three high end places being in close proximity of one another was right after Bellagio opened - when you had The B, Caesars Palace, and The Mirage (which at the time was still considered a bit on the uppity side) all next to each other. Will the proximity of Elan, Resorts World, and Wynn/Encore end up being the crown area of high end play in Las Vegas? Should be interesting to see what happens. Thought?

I know it's a corporate brand, but nobody has complained about the name yet? Resorts World Las Vegas is only slightly less generic-sounding than Mandalay Bay's former THE Hotel tower.

That said, the renderings are positively fantastic. Even if the final product design gets scaled back 50 percent, it still will add another showpiece to the Vegas Strip, worthy of competing with an Eiffel Tower, an erupting volcano or dancing fountains.

There's been plenty of comments about the name here in previous pieces on Resorts World.

They made the deal two years ago and the pace of actually getting work going on it has left people skeptical about the entire project. The EB-5 thing also seemed odd considering Genting does have some deep pockets. Maybe the delay is intentional, waiting for the right time to start construction and open. Presumably, the first phase could open around the same time as the expansion to the LVCC, which would definitely benefit the property.

Bring back the IP!

The name at this point is obviously terrible, but I'm assuming they will eventually name it something that doesn't sound like a bad timeshare.

Fox affiliate in Vegas reports Genting will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on 5 May.


@talktobrent i don't think they will likely change it as it is their global brand and is the name of some of the most successful casinos in the world.

Cinco de Mayo seems an odd day for groundbreaking on an Asian resort...but it's also my birthday. Perfect time to go to Vegas?

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