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Forever Spock #LLAP

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 27th February 2015 1:47pm
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I knew this day was approaching. Somehow, I fraudulently convinced myself I was prepared for it. I would handle the news of Leonard Nimoy's passing with emotionless, Spock-ian logic. The weeping and sadness proved that I am in fact, human, not Vulcan.

Star Trek had come and gone a few years before I was born, sinking in to oblivion and possible syndication. I'm proud to have been part of the early 1970's generation of latchkey kids who ran home after school to watch the reruns that permanently launched the Star Trek craze. I watched every episode entranced by sexy green aliens, creepy Romulans, terrifying Klingons, the battle two aliens who were colored half white/half black (hey, isn't that the Riddler?) plus Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, Scotty, Bones, Kirk and the rest of the Star Trek universe. Despite our matching bowl haircuts, Spock - with his pointy ears, angular eyebrows, greenish tint and icy demeanor - frightened me.

I bought the dolls, the toys, the ships, the shirts and eventually the movie tickets.

Simultaneously, I joined Spock "In Search of..." and learned that he had a real name... Leonard Nimoy. This Nimoy guy was just as strange as Spock... hunting for UFOs, missing persons, Bigfoot and all manner of natural and supernatural phenomena.

The 1980's came and rock n roll, girls and other forms of trouble called me away from Starfleet save the occasional trip to the cinema.

I re-engaged with Star Trek when the original series was re-released on DVD, two episodes at a time. The adult me fell in love with everything the eight year old didn't understand, brave plot lines about history, morality, philosophy, race and religion set against the backdrop of intergalactic exploration portrayed by characters who evolved. I became particularly enamored with the id/ego/superego relationship between Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy. Kirk and Spock. Bones was known for his immediate emotional responses ("Dammit Jim!") Spock was known for restraint, letting logic dictate what the appropriate response is. In the middle was James Kirk - the ego, the buffer. When the poles of Bones and Spock crossed current, sparks flew... with each successive flair up building towards an epic crescendo. The crescendo culminated when Spock, as prelude to his death in The Wrath of Khan, uploads his spirit to Bones via mind meld.

My renewed love for Star Trek coincided with the new love for the woman who would become my wife, co-conspirator and best friend MissMonkay. Our near-monthly Vegas habit included annual trips to Creation Ent's Star Trek Convention at the Hilton.

One year, after a long absence from conventions, Leonard Nimoy was scheduled to be one of the featured speakers, which included a Q&A session. On the day of the event, we jumped at the chance to ask the great Nimoy a question... literally jumping in line and huddling up in search of a question. Since I was scared, Miss Monkay would ask the question and I would take photos. We asked him about the relationship between Bones and Spock, were they adversaries or best friends? Nimoy answer started off with "the relationship between Bones and Spock is an interesting one" and shared stories about the late actor DeForest Kelley before coming to the conclusion that Spock and Bones were sides of a coin. Miss Monkay also thanked Nimoy for his donations to restore and preserve the Griffith Observatory, which made Nimoy smile. He thanked her for the question and moved on to the next.

We were both so overcome by mind melding with Mr. Spock that we had to escape to the convention room hallway to compose ourselves.

We're still composing ourselves.

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I knew that I'd get a moving piece of writing here. I had a bad feeling when he was admitted a few days ago and with his subsequent Twitter posts. All I can say when thinking of him is the word Transcendent. My young mind was first shaped by In Search Of..., and only jumped on the ST ship seriously about 10 years ago. He played my favorite television character (who was so much more than a television character) and really seemed like a good person.
I don't think that my planned ST marathon this evening will make me feel better. This loss feels so much more than just the loss of a friend, but also the loss of a philosophy. I can't quite put it into words.
The first thing I reached for after reading the news was my Animated Series dvd. Yesteryear. Seemed like a very nice send-off to me.

PS- I will not even be getting close to watching the end of Wrath of Khan today, or for awhile :(

Well said, as a fellow 70's latch key kid, I share all of your sentiments. 😢


Very nice piece Chuck, always very hard to lose our heroes, especially when they prove to be worthy of our admiration. RIP Mr. Nimoy.

If only Quark's were open right now. I would raise a glass of Romulan Ale to him.

I adore Star Trek, and the show was a big part of my life in the formative years. Nimoy was born to play Spock. Spock wasn't just one of the great characters of the Sci-Fi world, he was one of the greatest characters in the history of Television. Also to his credit, does anyone remember In Search Of?

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