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VegasTripping: Ep. 6 - Movies

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 22nd February 2015 11:57pm
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VegasTripping podcast

Ep. 6 - Movies

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Comments & Discussion:

I think the original Ocean's 11 needs some love from the Vegastripping gang!

Love the vintage feel of Diamonds Are Forever. WHM in the Cooler is a fav.

No mention of the crappy cut scenes from Race from Witch Mountain.

Slightly disappointed that Domino or Now You See Me wasn't included. Kiera Knightly and Isla Fisher should have been nominated for Best Actress.

I thought the casting of Don Rickles in Casino was brilliant. While it was totally against the grain for a stand up comedian to play a stone faced floor manager, he pulled it off. The fact that Rickles' headlined a good amount of times in LV, casting him in the film helped establish credibility with the location and I believe the audience made an instant connection with him.

Off the path from Vegas a bit, there was a film in 2002 called Waking Up In Reno that has some great casino scenes including one that included Billy Bob Thornton and Penelope Cruz. It's not bad if you have the time and would enjoy checking out Charlize Theron.

One movie that I think gets overlooked is Midnight Run, where the climax takes place inside the main terminal at McCarran. It's more of a road trip movie that happens to end up in Vegas at the end, but it's my favorite comedic movie with De Niro. Dennis Farina as the mob boss who runs the Aladdin (pretty sure they used the name, but it's been a few years since I've last seen it) is both scary and funny as hell while being slimy in that slimy Farina way.

When MikeE mentioned the “off Strip” casino scene in Vegas Vacation, I recalled laughing at the game “War” being among the offerings. Remembered playing that as a kid and thought, How ridiculous!

…Flash forward about, oh, fifteen years. Saw a blackjack table dealing a one-card game with the dealer making a big production out of flipping their hole (actually, only) card. Almost laughed again, but stifled it out of respect for the fellow playing black chips….

Sign above table: Casino WAR! Location: table by Parasol Up, Wynn. (Ugh, was that around the WinnSpiegel era…?)

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