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Peep The New Signature Rooms at Westgate Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 11th February 2015 12:54pm
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Unlike a few of the recent owners of the former International Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Hilton and LVH, the operators of the rebranded Westgate Las Vegas aren't messing around. David Siegel and Westgate promised big changes when the sale was announced and it looks like things are happening.

I've been bullish on the bones of this great property for years, saying in this 2012 post:

The LVH is fruit ripe on the vine... perfect for the picking by a savvy operator with ideas, experience and capital to make it happen. Goldman Sachs, holders of the debt notes, want to foreclose. Other operators are swooping in kicking the tires and doing loads of due diligence. It is only a matter of time, not years but months, before the third shoe finally drops and LVH gets a new owner, a new lease on life and another new name.

My predictions may have been aggressive in terms of timeframe, but still accurate... the bones are still good and with the right ownership good things can happen. Since the Westgate rebrand, the old Hilton/LVH have been getting upgrades it desperately needs - a shake out of dining offerings, new entertainment strategy, competitive pricing, effective marketing and new hotel rooms.

The previous Hilton-era rooms were clean, homey and unassuming but about as sexy as an episode of Ice Road Truckers. When set amidst a sea of thumbnail sized hotel options, those old rooms don't cut the modern mustard. Alas, the Westgate Las Vegas' Signature Rooms.

Westgate Signature King

The Signature King at Westgate features one king bed set against a chubby tufted leatherette headboard with matching crystal drop floor lamps, a red couch and a Marilyn Monroe painting on the wall. Clean, concise, and bright even if the view mock up makes it look like the hotel is falling over.

Here's an alternate view.

Westgate Signature King

This view mockup is indeed accurate(ish) but photo was flipped horizontally. Weird, yes, but not nearly as jacked as SLS' fraudvertising.

Westgate Signature King

The Signature Queen at Westgate features two queen beds and swaps out the couch for two argyle print chairs with the same color palette. There is a small table ledge against the window perfect for resting your scotch while pressing your ham.

In terms of design, the only way either of these rooms gets any better is with zebra print carpeting.

Westgate Signature King

Westgate is also showing this peculiar version of the Signature room, with candy red bench and an old headboard with the Hilton crest on it.

A sample search for mid-week room Signature Room rates in July shows they start at $62/night, a $20 premium on the non-renovated Premium Rooms. Westgate's resort fee is now $22/night. A certain October weekend is priced at $162/night.

Westgate has also adopted a new slogan - "Experience The New Center of Las Vegas". That damn center has shifted again!!!

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Comments & Discussion:

shockingly similar to elara (former P-ho Towers - westgate property). Right down to the carpet, wall art and the chairs

You're right! I completely missed that!

As much as I love seeing fresh blood pumped into the Westgate, I'm really disappointed by the sheer tackiness of these rooms. This property simply has too much character and history to be redesigned with furniture from the ghetto version of overstock.com. Maybe I'm just overly nostalgic, but I really did hope that the new owners would give the property some of its old glory and luxury back.


Since they have so many rooms, maybe they will do a few different designs. Some more traditional, some more modern. Some overpriced, crap timeshares.

Just bring back Quarks!

I'm excited for this. I stayed here last March and was completely underwhelmed. The food options were depressing and closed way too early. The Vince Neil joint was especially awful. But it won't make much to get this place going.

Apparently the spirit of Norma "Marilyn Monrone" Jean really wants to watch conventioneers get it on.

It's going to take a lot more than snazzy rooms to get LVH reborn to a need to go to basis. The colors are interesting and the beds look comfortable but why so many red things?

It is The New Center of Las Vegas. Walk to Convention Center, Riviera, SLS, Rock in Rio as well as some unnamed venues in Commercial Center :-)

Whoa -- I am dizzy. Based on the view out the window of those Signature rooms how does the furniture not slide right out the window. The floors must be at a 33 degree tilt.

Agree with the Elara comments. When you are actually in Elara, the rooms feel even tackier than the photos do justice.

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