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Mailbag: Can You Walk From Vdara To Cosmo?

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th February 2015 2:07pm
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Every so often we like to dip into the mailbag and answer a questions we think other folks might have right here on the blog.

Today's question comes from Edgar, who writes:

Can I go walking from Vdara to The Cosmopolitan? how far? is there a directly passage from Vdara to The Cosmopolitan?

This is a great question, Edgar, thank you. Yes, you can walk from Vdara to Cosmopolitan. The walk is a little bit tricky to describe, but it is the most direct and shortest route is to get from Vdara (and Aria's rear entrance) to Cosmopolitan.

Exiting Vdara, make a left and continue just past the edge of building until you see a stairway to your left. If you end up in Aria, you went too far. Go down the stairs and follow the sidewalk against Cosmo into the parking garage entrance, carefully cross the lanes of exiting traffic, make a left and and head (with traffic) towards Cosmo's rear porte cochere entrance. The walk takes about 5 minutes or so. Easy.

If you are at Cosmo and heading to Aria or Vdara, exit from the parking garage porte cochere by the front desk and go left towards Harmon Blvd., carefully crossing traffic until you get to the street outside. If you look to your right, you'll see Vdara. Walk down the sidewalk against the building towards Vdara, you will see a staircase leading up the side of the wall to Vdara's top level. Head towards the staircase and voila, you're there! Aria is directly to the left.

This short cut removes the nonsensical walk through Crystals to get to Aria as well. I always go this way when walking between these properties.

Here's a map:

And Mac78130 has a photo of the stairway:

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Comments & Discussion:

I always take this route, but it is clear they never intended for a significant number of pedestrians to use this route. Vdara's stairway is almost hidden. The bottom of the stairs immediately crosses a firehouse and trash collection driveway. The walkway along the side of the Cosmo is more of a narrow maintenance path than a sidewalk. Entering Cosmo's parking garage can be perilous with blind corners and several lanes of traffic. It would benefit both MGM and Cosmo if they improved this route.

Walked this route quite a few times when I stayed at Vdara a few years back.

I've done this walk so many times to cross the freeway on Harmon. Starting from the front desk at the Cosmo, exit the front desk area into valet, once outside make a left passing the bell desk, at this point you're on side walk inside the driveway area for taxis, you'll reach a fence for a dead end but make a quick right onto a marked crosswalk, after crossing you'll be able to see outside and see City Center across Harmon and the stop light, once you do, you make another right. You're now walking alongside Harmon and ahead of you you'll see Vdara and the monorail track, keep walking straight and then you'll see an elevator door, next to that you'll see those stairs imaged above. I'm surprised these builders built this shortcut.

They probably didn't think about it and just built it.

I use this path often, and it is really like some afterthought.
I always use the north valet also but I'll leave it to Chuck to describe how to get there either up Harmon and around Vdara, or from Dean Martin to Jerry Lewis and around.
Some real odd access designs in CC.

You can take those stairs but there is no sidewalk for a portion of that walk so be careful LOL

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