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Here Come The $30 Resort Fees

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 2nd February 2015 12:54pm
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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has raised their resort fee to $30/night.

From The Resort Fee Arms Race last November:

Not ones to leave money on the table, we can expect Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn, Encore, Cosmopolitan and everybody else to start tracking their resort fees into the $30-40/nt range.

Who's next?

Update: Mac78130 tells us that Wynn/Encore have raised their resort fees to $29/night.

Big thanks to VT Vice President of Research and recent birthday boy Mac78130 for giving us just the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

I still feel that $30 (before taxes) may be the highest that the market will bear. Caesars quietly raised their resort fees at several properties (including Caesars Palace) after announcing that they were going to an across the board $25/night (before taxes) resort fee.

What's interesting is that Treasure Island recently tweaked their resort fee program. If you book via their heavily promoted TV offer or via an email offer, there is no resort fee.

Seriously, what is the upper bound here? I'm over my outrage at RFs in general -- I mean, I hate them, but I expect they're here to stay (barring some federal legislation mandating price fairness, as happened to the airlines.)

But what is the upper limit? Is there one? Or can all of these companies keep inching up in $5-10 increments every 6 months or so?

I can see Bellagio, Wynncore, Caesars, and Venelazzo going up to $50 and people grumbling but still paying it to stay at those high-end properties. The other properties no more than $35 max (or the max I could be gouged into paying!).

I can't wait for the $0 per night hotel offers.*

*A daily resort fee of $199.00 will be applied to each night of your stay.

I hate resort fees. HATE them. But they're found in more and more places, according to http://www.resortfeechecker.com/

According to that site, lots of high-end Hawaii properties have breached the $30/night mark. A couple of San Diego-area properties are in the $25-30 range. And South Carolina's Hilton Head Island has properties above $20/night.

So Vegas' prices aren't too out of whack, but I - like erzeszut - am dismayed the Vegas resorts keep subtly increasing the fees every few months, especially when no benefits are added.

I also think the surcharges at high-end properties gives low-end properties like Hooters the right to think a resort fee can be charged.

One day, resort fees will be regulated. I await that day.

One thing that I heard on Gambling with an Edge this past week that surprised me- they were talking about the Atlantis in the Bahamas, regarding comp offers that weren't what they seemed, and the person there was charged a $71/nt resort fee! I certainly hope that's not the upper bound, otherwise I'm staying at Wynn/Encore as soon as I can to experience it before we get to that level!

> Update: Mac78130 tells us that Wynn/Encore have raised their resort fees to $29/night.

As a comparison shopper, this speaks to me and will greatly influence my decision on where I want to stay. Wha?! Popeye's gone?! Well f*** that...

Is this really a point of pride among the frillier hotels - to have the priciest fees?

I'm sure it will continue, but I'd hope these hotels would get their fees in order, before the nightclub implosion and/or football gets lawyered out of business. The tourist dollar has changed from what it once was, and soon enough it will change again.

30 is pretty high so what do guests get for such a fee? This could be the high end but at some point you could end up with more empty rooms.

They'll raise them as long as it pays them to do so. If the market says no, then someone will start a reduction war. But for now people bitch and gripe...and pay.
If they really, really become too bothersome, then don't go.

I've said this before, I'll say it again:

1) If resort fees were outlawed tomorrow, you wouldn't save any money. The room rate would rise to compensate.

2) In a perverse way, resort fees are good for you and the hotel. Since the money isn't tecnhically considered a room rate, it is shielded from the various outside parties who get a bite at the room dollar: Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, convention organizers, etc. This keeps more of your total payment with the hotel, and within the Vegas ecosystem, where it can benefit you. (related point - don't buy your room from a outside agency. Use them to shop around by all means, then book directly through the hotel with your players card. You kneecap a hotel's ability to give you superior service when 20% of your room payment ends up at Expedia headquarters.)

3) The only way resort fees go away is if hotels are forced to include them in the advertised price, and when they get included in Expedia's big wet bite. The next day they'll be gone.

When Resort Fees first appeared, they seemed to be for hotel/casinos that actually were a resort. Now even the lowliest of establishments charge a RF (read Rip off Fee)
My question is. Can a RF be reclaimed if some of these RF "facilities" are unavailable?
If not, how can any business charge their customer for goods or services not supplied?

By contrast, Resort Fees at Foxwoods in Connecticut can range from $9.95 to 16.95, while its $14.95 at Mohegan Sun, and include the normal items, including bottles of water, along with tea and coffee in the rooms, access to fitness centers, and either USA Today or the local paper, depending on the day of the week...

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