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This Mom Wants To Open A Cannabis Themed Las Vegas Resort

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 30th January 2015 5:55pm
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Cheryl Shuman isn't your ordinary Mom, she wants to open a Las Vegas resort. But not just any Las Vegas resort, she wants to create a resort that the whole whole can enjoy. - a cannabis themed resort and yoga retreat.

Ms. Shuman is the chairperson of MomsForMarijuana.org an advocacy group working for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use across the United States. Ms. Shuman is also a PR and marketing professional who works with a number of industry brands and early stage venture capitalists who have been jumping feet first into the legalization movement.

While a cannabis themed Las Vegas resort may be a pipe dream (it was reported by The Insider yesterday) and details are as thick as a leaf of Big Bambú, it does it does raise questions about how the burgeoning legalization movement in Nevada will intersect with Gaming Control statues when legalization finally arrives as well as the tectonic shift this may cause in the Las Vegas experience.

Would gaming control allow marijuana usage inside of casinos? Would gaming control cease testing key employees for marijuana? Would marijuana usage be allowed in public places? What about at the casino tables? What about the effect of second hand smoke on employees?

Should gaming control and the industry embrace the legalization, how will offerings change or evolve over time? What new types of nightlife, daylife or fadelife attractions and entertainment be built to cater to this clientele? Would casinos open dedicated smoking dens stocked with exotic strains and concoctions with the same type of attention they take with wine cellars and sommeliers? Would every resort open a Guy Fieri restaurant?

Would the tourist corridor be a no cannabis zone? Would some resorts ban usage based on preference or ownership politics? Would certain resorts cater to the marijuana crowd? Would the street scene become as bizarro as Amsterdam's Red Light District? Would anti-drug Zappos fight to keep downtown cannabis free?

Excuse me while I go buy HerbsHotelAndCasino.com.


Comments & Discussion:

She may have a dream but the feds will never let this happen. Smoking weed is likely to be legalized in all 50 states or in enough states to make the federal govenrment declare weed a legal drug but that's not going to happen for at least 10 years. And when it does will we have smoking, non smoking and non weed floors in hotels?

Marijuana will never be legalized on the state level in all 50 states. Here in Georgia, they're having a tough time passing a bill to allow medicinal cannabis oil and in most of the "Bible Belt" states, it would take a sea change in attitudes to get marijuana legalized. There still dry counties (some with wet cities) and dry cities (some within wet counties) and places in which you cannot buy alcohol on Sundays (or it is heavily restricted) in this region.

In Nevada, if marijuana is legalized, the casinos themselves may not allow it to be smoked in the casinos (similar to how some places bar people from smoking cigars, tobacco pipes or clove cigarettes but still allow regular cigarettes to be smoked) or within smoking rooms in their hotels (Smoking rooms in general could be on the way out anyway.). You would likely see businesses dedicated to the smoking of marijuana, something along the lines of the coffee shops in Amsterdam. Imagine something like Casa Fuente, but for weed. While they may also be more tolerant of their employees using marijuana, much like with booze, showing up to work under the influence won't fly.

Heh... I could see a 60s themed pot smoking hotel. Heck, take over the Mirage rename it the Mod and expand the Love theming hotel wide.

Better idea, turn the Flamingo into one, as it already smells like weed and farts over there....

Food & Beverage sales at a cannibis-themed hotel property would be OFF THE CHARTS. Or it would be if you could motivate people to move along after a couple hours sitting near the buffet.

Buy stock in Nacho Cheese Doritos NOW.

If it does happen it could be called the Twinkie Palace.

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