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SLS: Sayonara Griddle Cafe! Ku Noodle and Umami May Be Next

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 29th January 2015 3:34pm
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SLS Las Vegas fessed up today, announcing to the local, cooperative media (not us!) that their experiment with oversized, outrageous pancakes at The Griddle Cafe failed.

My guess is right - they want a regular casino cafe.

Sayonara The Griddle Cafe!

In related news, VT reader #1 Vespajet tweeted an SLS listing from hotels.com where Northside Cafe is now present.... but Umami Burger and Ku Noodle are not!

Keep your sayonara swords handy kids!

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Comments & Discussion:

With Umami Burger also being where the sports book is located, could they simply turn the space into a sports bar concept or maybe rebrand it as a Double Barrel?

Great additive effect with the Pug video! So the last 2 properties to open, SLS and DTG have both retreated with their tails between their hind legs somewhat. Both are locationally challenged but what else do they have in common? Unrealistic expectations? Poor branding, marketing? I have been to both and have nothing bad to say and actually have had a good time at DTG thanks to some favorable gambling opportunities. I was hoping both new properties would have enjoyed more success by this time.

@skyyontherocks you nailed it.... unrealistic expectations. sbe markets out the yazoo and they have an extensive rolodex. this was a long shot bet from the start and now they're playing for survival not profit. kreeger has been in this position before at revel, he knows what it is like to be backed up against disaster. side note, i had a good time gambling at downtown grand as well.

Well, dang, at the rate things are going by the time I get back out there for my usual spring trip I'm betting SLS is going to be closed outright. Not that I was planning on staying there but I thought I'd at least check it out.

Popeye at the Wynn had a longer run!

The Mirage on Hotels.com doesn't have Fin, Japonais, Carnage Deli, or Starbucks listed - are those going too?

I don't think anything should be drawn from the Hotels.com page other than it is already Northside Cafe.

Soon to be rebranded SLS Las Vegas a Motel 6 member hotel.

I wandered thru SLS and DTG and didn't have a problem with either of them but SLS went too bold with the dining part of the operation and now it's costing them. Griddle could have lived as a breakfast/brunch only spot but i am not one to get pancakes at 8 at night just because it's the only option in town. Griddle will find a new place somewhere further down the road (Tropicana revamp?) and do fine there. Are there still openings in Bally's flea market that haven't been rented out?

Griddle was a great place to get breakfast. But let's be honest. $14 got you a specialty-pancake triple stack that four people couldn't finish. You can't have 100 employees in a breakfast cafe when the customer can get full for $3.50.

I ventured into the SLS for the first time today (Thurs., around 11:30AM) since well before New Year's. To my shock, the "Northside Cafe/Grille/Pub was *packed* (mostly with older people, to be honest). The casino floor was a literal ghost town, to the point that I was actually able to finally get my Code Card (from a begrudgingly, semi- courteous attendant at the desk...I've actually never gotten a player's card where I felt as thought I was doing the clerk a favour...and she already had all my info from my online application). Something's gotta give, folks...there are also still directional signs on the casino floor pointing towards the (closed) buffet up the escalators, as well as the digital way-finders throughout still advertising the Griddle (the one I saw was adjacent to the pool entrance, less than 20 feet from the "Northside Cafe"). C'mon...I'll leave it at that (and yes, I should've taken some pics). I also saw two businessmen having an impromptu meeting with a laptop on a closed gaming table...isn't that a bit illegal?!?

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