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Tales From Vegas Starring Baseball Hall of Famer George Brett

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 26th January 2015 12:45pm
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How many times has this happened to you?

Stop reading watch the video.

Let this meeting of the Casino Pants Poopers Anonymous come to order.

Hi, name is Chuck and it has been 8 years since I last pooped my pants in a casino. It's only happened to me once, but not in Vegas - in Macau. The horror and trauma lives with me every time I leave my hotel room to go anywhere.

Moments after publishing this post and seconds after closing the door on this room at Wynn Macau, my rear end released what I thought was going to be a simple unremarkable fart. Instead, it was a supremely messy explosion in my pants in the hallway of Wynn Macau. I reopened the door, hand washed my clothes, showered, got dressed and got in a cab to go to the next hotel on my Macau tour.

Casino Pants Pooping is not a joking matter. CPP is a serious issue that affects a silent but deadly few, transforming their craps-filled Vegas vacations into an epic shit show. If you or someone you know suffers from CPP, ask your doctor about Poopinex. Poopinex is available without a prescription and is available at every casino adjacent CVS and Walgreens.

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Freaking hilarious.
I had, uh, a friend who ate a slice of pizza on the way to Vegas that his wife gave him from the cafeteria of a hospital where she worked . This uh, guy, checks into the Aria, says goodnight to his wife and heads downstairs to the casino. Ten steps past the elevator door, something bad begins to stir in his bowels. He stands still, rigid, clenching every muscle in his body. He's never been in this casino and doesn't know the floorplan like he does of the Mirage. He becomes soaked with sweat as he stands motionless in the middle of a crowded walkway. Finally, he finds a restroom, it is only twenty feet away, yet it takes him about five minutes to get there. With each baby step, he feels the warm result of that poisoned pizza creeping down his legs.
He spent about 30 minutes in that restroom cleaning up and calling his wife to relay the story. I don't remember what he did with his boxers, but it is entirely possible that he free-balled it for the entirety of that gambling filled evening.
True story. At least that's what he told me.

I live here in Kansas City. That is well known George Brett story in these parts.

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