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Cardboard Check Watch: Mirage Gives Away $30k

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th January 2015 12:19pm
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Long time readers of VT will tell you that I LOOOOOVE giant cardboard checks. One of my life's dreams is to one day hold one of these things and have it appear in the "winners" section of a crusty old casino or Facebook page. Should I never be fortunate enough to partake is this joy, I've instructed my wife to have my ashes turned into a cardboard check made out to me for whatever is left in my bank account at the time of my demise ($88.12).

The Mirage announced today that Susan T is the winner of their $100,000 slot tournament and presented her with a cardboard check to the tune of $30,000.

Wait, does that say "THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS IN FREEPLAY®" ????? Why not make it out in Rubles, Pesos, Tanzanian shillings, Facebook credits, Galacic Credit Standard, Chronodollars, Darsecs, Galleon, Schrutebucks or a Weinberg?

How to brag about giving away prize money - without giving way anything!


Comments & Discussion:

OK...fine...sure why not? But, a serious question: What would your strategy be to play those points?

I prefer my payouts in gold-pressed latinum or hash coins....... ;)

You know what else that giant check of Freeplay doesn't include? A W2G or 1099. Freeplay is not considered cash, so there's no tax form given with the win. Not so bad now.

Cap'n... I'd rather win money than not pay taxes on winnings. But that's just me.

I bet they didn't know it was free play till they tried to cash the big check

Love that the word Freeplay is italicized and includes the (R)

I have two actual questions about Freeplay (and all other similar casino cash gimmicks):
1) I've found my your earnings from said promotions tend to be about 40-60 percent of the stated value if you play the credits through the machine one time and cash out. Do you?
2) Do you earn additional comps/cash back/points on Freeplay? Does it depend on the casino?

Freepay at Horseshoe Baltimore doesn't earn me anythign extra, so I doubt it does anywhere else. Also, whatever winnings she does get from the freeplay will be taxed eventually.

I'd play the highest limit slots I could. Best chance of a big payout with that kind of balance.

Wager the freeplay on 9/6 Jacks or better and the expected return is $29,862. Your actual results may vary but you don't get invited to a $100,000 slot tournament if you don't like to gamble. Do you really think the winner of a slot tournament wouldn't wager $30,000 on his own anyway?

$30,000 in freeplay - at least she didn't get paid in Canadian dollars

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