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The New Lobby At Wynn Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 12th January 2015 5:41pm
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As part of their 10th anniversary refresh, Wynn Las Vegas has given their reception lobby a sleek, playful and gorgeous little makeover.

Wynn 2015 Lobby Reno Desk

Big, bright room with happy new carpeting.

Wynn 2015 Lobby Reno Carpet

I've always felt that the second version of the hotel room designs at Wynn were every so slightly disconnected from the casino level experience. The design of this carpet - the bold flowers sitting atop the light brown pattern - better foreshadows the totality of the hotel experience... cool calm rooms and floral bursts of the casino. Cue the Big Lebowski reference here yet again... it better holds the room (resort) together.

Wynn 2015 Lobby Reno Wall

This wall texture turns what would be a forgotten, crud-filled corner at another hotel into a treasure if tactile design. This is one of those little "surprises" The Steve used to talk about.

Wynn 2015 Lobby Reno Alt

The artwork in the lobby is by Lari Pittman, whose work is a psychedelic smash up of everything Steve Wynn appears to love in art - bold colors, Cubist angularity, surrealist freaky-ness, pop-art whimsy and dirty sex. Mr. Pittman and I went to the same art school, which leads me to ask... "wanna buy some art from me Mr. Steve?"

Wynn 2015 Lobby Reno Recept

Another Pittman hangs above the second registration desk, this piece contains a fractured, multi-layered painting of guitars, a subject Picasso covered in great cubist detail 100 years ago. Pittman is a fitting continuance of the Wynn lobby art tradition, as both Le Reve and Nature Moreteau Tulipes hung facing each other during the first years of Wynn's existence. Compelling.

According to a 2012 SEC filing which outlines the agreement Steve has with Wynn Resorts to lease his artwork, Mr. Wynn owns at least three Pittman paintings. Pavane (2011) is in the executive wing, Fado (2011) is hanging in his Manhattan apartment and the others may be in Wynn's lobby. I'll guess that Wynn bought all of these at Lari Pittman's show at the Gladstone Gallery in late 2011.

Here is a detail of both Pittman paintings.

Wynn 2015 Lari Pittman 2

This piece is tiled Jerry-Rigged (2011) and evokes Asian themes.

Wynn 2015 Lari Pittman

Research yields the title of this painting is Music Room (2011).

Asian + music = Chinese high rollers + EDM fans. This is how Steve Wynn views Wynn Las Vegas in 2015.

Big thanks to VT Executive Director of Dining & Design JohnH for the photos.

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Comments & Discussion:

Gorgeous. Love the carpeting. Light and airy. A great way to begin your stay.

Beautiful! I love it!

Awesome, great job by Wynn.

I'm going to be contrary. I don't like the artwork. Subjectively, I would have hoped for fish tanks, water features, or gently changing colored lights. Why? After traveling by car or plane for hours, I want to be soothed while waiting in line at a luxury property, not riled up. And I bet the front-desk workers want me calm, too.

But I love the wall textures, both in detail and in the wide shot. They're lush. And I can live with the flowered carpet, especially if something similar makes appearances in other parts of the hotel.

I never spend enough time at Wynn. Looks beautiful.

I want the carpet, like the wall, paintings are nice - I see Mr. Butts from Doonesbury in each!

The artwork looks a bit out of place for a resort like Wynn. It looks like something better suited to the Hard Rock, Cosmo or the Palms. Steve Wynn in recent years seems to trying to recapture some youth and it's becoming a bit embarrassing. The carpet looks like it was designed by Peter Max and that's not exactly a good thing....

I'm not sold on the carpet - looks a little too "1970 dish towel" to me - but the rest is gorgeous. I'm on board with the paintings.

Beautiful,and beautiful chunky carpet. I'm on a fed up phase with everything Wynn now,I'm not in a rush to go check it out.

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