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Is This The First Tweet From Elan Resort?

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 4th January 2015 11:39am
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"Luxury in unexpected places #ElanVegas" is pretty convincing as far as PR speak goes, but I don't buy it.

The above tweet was posted yesterday afternoon from a recently created @elanvegas Twitter account.

If this Twitter account it is real - there have been other Élan impostors on Twitter since we broke the news on Friday - we can certainly learn a lot about what to expect from Élan.

First, lets take a look at the logo thumbnail and do some forensics.

I've resized this image to 200px square, from original 79px. While we can expect some degradation in a resize, the amount of color distortion in this image is excessive. Additionally, one of the identifying marks of the Élan name is the acute accent atop the capital E. Why would this be cropped out of a first - albeit unplanned - brand campaign?

In addition to the similarity all capital E's have, the logotype of the Élan E, has a similar presence and stance as the E of Encore. The red and white colors are obvious choices for a resort which most expect will cater towards the higher end. At the opening, Encore was branded in red and white as well, before Wynn transitioned to high contrast white on black for all brand campaigns. The E in this thumbnail might not be an original high-resolution official branding designs but instead a last minute place holder.

The bio reads "With our lifestyle brand, we're bringing something unlike any other." Reading this, I can smell the pot smoke and hysterical laughter emanated by the goofball who created this Twitter account.

If Team Élan were worried about locking down their Twitter handle they should've done it when they did their domain registration and then just left it as a goose egg whether a dumb blogger figured out or not. That being said, there is beauty in taking the first organic ripples of unintended viral activity and riding them into a fantastic announcement of the resort name, branding, renderings and what not live and in person at Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic.

I doubt this Twitter account is official, but I really want it to be.

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Comments & Discussion:

To me, it looks like they took the E from the logo of Esquire (the magazine and TV channel) and put it on a diet.

I'm thinking that VT is simply a big enough target for trolls now.

Sort of amusing to see the county following them, though.

@mtc definitely troll. i find it amusing nonetheless and would be shirking if i didn't examine.

I was once told by a marketing firm that a capital E as a logo would be toxic because of the similarities to the Enron logo. But who knows if that's still relevant in 2015.

Also: Elan / Elad - total coincidence?

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