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Vegas Gang #116 & #117: Uber, CZR, Sahara Sam and More

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 31st December 2014 1:18pm
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In case you missed it, the Vegas Gang has convened twice in the last few weeks producing nearly three hours of compelling discussion for your year end pleasure.

Episode #116 - a ginormous discussion about ride sharing car services with special guest @LVCabChronicles, a 10 year veteran of the Las Vegas transportation community and Twitter's favorite LV cabbie. It is a fascinating talk about Uber's business practices, that raises a ton of questions about the unregulated transportation phenomenon.

Episode #117 is jam packed with deep dives into the corporate structure of post-bankruptcy Caesars, Sam Nazarian's crazy licensing process, Hakkasan gobbling up Light Group, Harmon, Cosmopolitan and thoughts about the near future and 2014 in review. A fun episode.

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Comments & Discussion:

It's unfortunate that the VegasGang podcast site closes comments once a new episode is posted, especially when it comes so close on the heels of another. Therefore I'll comment on #116 here.

Your guest was articulate, intelligent and well-informed. All you'd want in a guest on a special topic like this. Hunter clearly stated his intention to allow this well-known Vegas cab Twitterer to state his case.

I agree with just about everything said in the last comment by skyyontherocks. Also detroit, who noted Uber's "bullying" tactics. All the other commenters, who I notice are also not VegasTripping regulars, seemed only to want to hear the other side of the argument (a dead giveaway when they accuse your guest of being "biased").

Everyone likes to bash regulation until something happens to them. Then they think they should be able to sue for the sun, moon, & stars and too often juries agree. Or they complain that regulators weren't "doing their jobs" when they were pulling an end-around in the first place. I am glad your guest specifically addressed the liability issue, for the sake of all those who blindly sign waivers (myself included). Those waivers need to be enforced to the hilt.

Two disclaimers. I'm from Portland which as mentioned is for the time being denying Uber, although surrounding suburbs have allowed it. And, I have personally vowed that I will only set foot in a cab at McCarran when they throw my cold, dead corpse in the trunk. I'm increasingly concerned about long-hauling on intra-Vegas trips, as well. Again, +1 to skyyontherocks' comments.

Those other commenters wanted to hear someone from Uber. We know too well how the PR machine works, especially from some dotcom startup (or, say, Caesars, or that blogger/PR bedmate that got Chuck so riled).

I'm glad we got to hear the counterpoint without some paid PRBS shill cutting him off at every opportunity.

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