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VegasTripping: Ep. 3 - Coffee Shops

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 22nd December 2014 12:29am
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VegasTripping Podcast

Ep. 3 - Coffee Shops

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mmmmm turkey club on sourdough 24 hours a day11

mmmmm open faced club sand wedge.......

One thing I don't ever recall coffee shops being real good at was pizza. So, when the late night pizza craze hit the strip, I think the coffee shop lost out a bit.
I could be wrong, but the last two times I stayed at Bellagio, as recent as this past summer, they no longer had keno service available. Keno runners used to be an added human touch to the experience. This has also hurt the coffee shops.
The discussion on the Peppermill could have been a part of last week's show. I like the Peppermill and I consider it a touristy place; not one I would go to if I was a local. I like Dupars and I would go there as a local or as a tourist. What separates the two, I am not sure; probably the lounge as was mentioned on the show. Service at both establishments has dropped off a bit. However, at the Peppermill, I recognize many of the same servers that have been there since I first stepped into the place; that's comforting. I have hit the Peppermill at least once each time/trip for the past 6 or 7 years. The only show business type I saw was Andrew Dice Clay who I think had a gig across the street at the Riviera.
Guys, there is nothing better than having your coffee served up in a thick, comforting ceramic mug and being served a BLT and a couple of over-easy eggs to dip your sandwich in.
I appreciate the laid back conversational approach to the show. Thanks for doing it.

Ahhhh… The "Country Club" Club! I have dreams about that sandwich, and the truffle potato chips that come with.

Thanks MikeE for introducing us to this wonderful place. Not a coffee shop, for sure, but lunch there is an excellent value and the view cannot be beat. Before the Burger Craze hit Vegas, this was the place for a variety of fancy, tasty burgers. Now we have Holsteins, so the "Country Club" it is! (I'm amazed that JohnH recalled the recipe so precisely.)

I see Zoozacrackers deli no longer does the graveyard shift. Hm. Location within the casino made sense, even if it was a significant downgrade from Terrace Pointe (but still leagues better than the Drugstore).

As for Caesars' FUBAR re: their "coffee shop," didn't Aria commit the same sin with the (now former) Cafe Vettro? I distinctly recall mike_ch/M in Vegas' remarks about their insistence on certain cheeses for the burgers. (Can you say Soup Nazi?)

We've been to its current incarnation, Aria Cafe, several times now and I must say that, as with Aria itself, I am now a fan. Planet Dailies across the street was severely underwhelming. As with Chuck's experience at Earl of Sandwich, I wonder sometimes about the comments/commenters out there on FHBM and online.

The majority of my visits to Central have been for booze and I did try a few of their bar snacks, none of which blew me away (I have a friend that worked at Caesars for one of the shows there and he said that the cast and crew of the show ate there out of convenience but quickly grew tired of it.). There have been rumors of Giada taking over the space, as a few months ago, it was reported that Caesars was about to kick Central to the curb.

Got back from an MGM stay last week and thought it was really lame a property as gigantic as that had no real 24 hour food aside from room service. If you want anything after 10:30 or so you're pretty much SOL. And Avenue Cafe is only open for Breakfast and Lunch, btw.

Definitely miss the Keno crayons and old timey vibe. You gotta think at some point someone will open a more traditional coffee shop and bring back Keno as a hipster pose. Whatever it takes I guess.

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