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John Unwin Out At Cosmopolitan

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 9th December 2014 1:01pm
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The other shoe has finally dropped at Cosmopolitan, John Unwin is no longer the CEO of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a property he shepherded from bankrupt concrete shell to crown jewel of the curious class.

With the ink on Blackstone's purchase of the Cosmopolitan finally dry, Mr. Unwin has fulfilled his contract with Deutsche Bank, leading the property through to acquisition.

Unwin was one of the rare ones in the casino biz... an intelligent, creative, witty, personable and playful artist-in-residence CEO, who was as curious as the patrons he courted.

Listen to the interview Hunter and I did with John a week before Cosmo opened.

Godspeed John, you left Vegas better than you found it.... THANK YOU.

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Comments & Discussion:

I guess that means more time for fishing..... I don't expect him to be out of the game for long. Perhaps he ends up somewhere like Resorts World or perhaps even back with Caesars Entertainment (Especially if there is a major shakeup in the executive ranks in the wake of whatever ends up happening to the company in regards to their current financial situation.).

Can you loan him AC for a while?

@dirt Great idea!

@vespajet - i don't see unwin going back into the Caesars borg as he would be going back to being a property President, not actual CEO. Maybe SLS, not Packer/Pascal because Andrew will be CEO. Resorts World is a possibility, but John's muse is the boutique hotel. He might just take the money and run. It is drinky poo time after all.

@chuckmonster With everything that is going on at the Caesar Borg, anything is possible, especially once they file for CH 11 sometime after the first of the year (Bloomberg is reporting that they will be skipping a $224 million interest payment due next week to junior bondholders in preparation for said filing.). I don't see him replacing the Lurveman, but I could see him having an executive role in a reorganized Caesars. Or perhaps if some Caesars Entertainment properties end up in the hands of creditors, they bring him aboard to run things for them.

If I were John, I wouldn't go anywhere near Caesars' giganormous problems. He's a hotel guy, Caesars needs a finance guy who is an incredible politician to soothe nerves while fixing the mess. I do agree that Unwin could find a role there in reorg/breakup where was given semi-autonomous control of Caesars blocs like ParBalHo or CP/Cromwell/Linq. Lots of other dominoes would have to fall first for that to happen.

I have an outside guess that Unwin might end up returning to work with Ian Schrager, perhaps heading Edition, Schraeger's co-brands with Marriott.

Can he take over SLS?

Maybe he should work with whatever group takes over Revel

Someone at Cosmo just told me that Bill McBeth is taking over the CEO role over there.

@vandalyind juicy. Looks like got a gig at Z Capital in Sept after sitting around at Revel for a while.

^^ Looks like this is a Leach tip.

saw that in Leach's/lvsun's column too, but I had it confirmed from someone with no reason to lie to me

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