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The Trippies 2015 : Final Voting Now Open

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 2nd December 2014 1:51pm
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VegasTripping is pleased to announce that the final voting for the 2015 Trippies awards is now underway!

As with every year, the field of final nominees contains a slew of perennial favorites, tons of surprises and a steaming mountain of head scratchers, wince inducers and laugh out loud choices - all culled from YOUR nominations. Weirdoes! All of you! My heart beats proud.

And now the business part. In response to anomalies in last year's vote we have decided to adjust requirements for participation. Previously, we allowed non-VT reader guests to vote in the final awards as long as they provided an email address, which was then validated. This year, we have limited voting to registered and active readers of VegasTripping. You must have a VT account and you must have posted a comment within the last year.

If you are a lurker or have any other issue with getting access to the vote, email trippies2015@vegastripping.com from the email address you've registered your account with and we will get you sorted out.

Voting ends one week from today, Tuesday December 9th 2014 at 11:11pm Vegas time. The winners of the Trippies Class of 2015 will be announced in a live webcast in January 2015, date TBD.

Are you ready?????? Go vote!

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Comments & Discussion:

The new voting requirements has caused a bit of a stir with some folks over on the FHBM FB page, but I think that the change was a necessary one in order to keep the ballot stuffing down. The voting for the Trippies should be done by those who are members of the site and contribute to it. While there may be those that read the site on a regular basis, but are not part of the community, this is a way to become part of the community.

It isn't hard to register and have a comment approved by our spam smashing ape.... voila, you're an active member! You'll make new friends, you'll read great content, you'll know ALL of the VIMFP information and the jokes. Taking 2 minutes to register and participate shouldn't be an obstacle for something this awesome and important.

Some folks aren't happy unless they have something to bitch about. If you want to vote in your local elections, you have to be registered to vote, so this isn't much different.

My favorite survey of the year.

I want a spam smashing ape.

Vote Hoss!

Just signed up, can I vote for the TI mall now?

Just signed up but it won't let me vote :(

The Trippies are my favorite awards of the year! It's my civic duty to vote

Can I just vote in person at my nearest Strip-Front Walgreens?

When you see your comment, you're good to go.

Don't post much, surprised I commented in the last year.
Are people concerned that by having to sign in that their votes will be tied to them?
Love the triipies, and watch the live feed of results even though I am on the east coast and it cuts into my sleep time!

vote, people. it will do you good

I voted

After a shite stay at the Aria last month, that place got it in the ass...

I love and care about these awards more than I should

Only problem with webcast is getting up at 2am to listen from Aus...

As with any poll or election, voting for the Trippies is more fun while under an influence.

Just in case I haven't commented in the past year...
Should there be a "last visit" requirement as well?

@dzodda - interesting idea. i think this system should do what it is supposed to.

I can't wait for the results podcast with the Vegas Tripping crew! It's one of my most favorite nights of the year. I usually replay it a couple of times before I head back to Vegas.

Some head scratching choices but I have done my duty. I am looking forward to the results!

Where's my I Voted sticker?

I agree to all of the above comments...

Ready to vote

I voted a few days ago, but I'm listening to FHBM now (while excitedly downloading Ep 2 of the new VT pod) and they referenced the STFU category and I can't remember all the nominees. I tried going back into the ballot to see them but says I already voted.

Tl;dr;STFUHank: any way to see the nominee list again?

@hank not right now... but i'll try and post them after the voting is closed.

Cool.. thanks Chuck.

OMG. Steve's balls are now dancing on the wynnlasvegas.com homepage....

Registered. Cannot vote :(

Commenting so that I can vote.

How does one vote?....This site is cool. Always looking for Vegas sites

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