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Peekaboo: The Rooms at Resorts World Las Vegas - Updated

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 24th November 2014 11:31am
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Resorts World Fountain Detail

Resorts World Las Vegas is slowly creeping towards formally rebooting as they gather up funding via the U.S. Government EB-5 program which exchanges immigration visas for investment cash. There are rumblings that a big announcement is imminent.... #VIMFP 2017?.

Why wait when you can see now? We've got some room Resorts World room renderings.

It appears that there are are three different types of rooms in this batch of renderings, which I will label as a "Petite Suite", "Parlor Suite" and a "Salon Suite" in ascending size (a la Wynn.)

The Petite Suite

Resorts World Petite Living Room

Is this Alotta Fagina's penthouse apartment or did Resorts World buy the Linq's junq.

Resorts World Petite Tv

Hrm. I'll be damned if I recognize the building in the TV. (Update: tipster tells us the building is Grand Ho Tram Strip, which was originally an MGM project) Perhaps these renderings are for another Resorts World property or a leftover jam from the Steelman Partners archives? The temple entrance above and the latticework on the door, leave no doubt that Resorts World will contain gobs of detailed Asian design.

Resorts World Petite Suite Bar

That is the smallest hotel closet I've ever seen. The big circular sculpture behind the bar seems a little large for the space. Is the front of the bar is a goldfish tank? This space feels like a medical waiting room, JohnH thinks it might be spa check in.

Parlor Suite

Resorts World Parlor Living Room

This is the panoramic view of the "parlor suite" living room. Design, furnishing and fixtures scream Wynn 2005 era, but lack the restraint of a Roger Thomas design. This living room looks and feels over furnished.

Resorts World Parlor Dining

The dining area features pleated drapes with orange belts and tassles. I don't think I've ever seen this in a hotel room before.

Resorts World Parlor Wall

It looks like the rear wall has a bar against it and a sliding pocket door that leads to another bedroom. Lots of lamps.

Salon Suite

Resorts World Salon Living Room

Here's the larger version of the suite, with a slightly darker color scheme and larger yet less plush furnishings. At Wynn, the door in the back goes to the massage table room.

Resorts World Salon Foyer

Here's a grand foyer entrance with a pretty neato light fixture. The trim appears to be natural wood with caramel colored stain.

Resorts World Salon Dining

The far end of the room features a ten top dining room with adjacent server and a budda statue. Wall coverings continue the lattice design and I'll wager that the coffered ceilings do as well.


Resorts World Bedroom

The bedroom gives us a little bit more evidence that these specific designs may be repurposed from another project. Based on existing exterior renderings, the curtain walls at Resorts World don't have sliding doors or wrought iron balcony walls.

The clean clear concise design of these rooms is instantly comforting. I'm ready to plop down on that over stuffed bed and take a snooze.

Resorts World Bedroom Patterns

The diamond pattern is reflected in all of the prints - double diamond wallpaper, the upholstery on the chair and the gauze-like patterns on the comforter. The gold floor lamp seems like an odd choice, but it works within the conversation between the accent pillows and the painting.


Resorts World Bathroom

The bathroom is a near replica of the ones at Mandarin Oriental (See MikeE's review here) but swap out Mandarin modern for the rustic tinged modern.

Resorts World Bathroom Tub

The tub - shape, style, size and placement - and the open concept bathroom is a dead ringer for the Mandrin standard.

Resorts World Bathroom Shower

The counter, raised bowl sinks, upper and lower shelves are identical to Mandarin Oriental. To the left of the square vanity mirror is the shower. I loved it there and love it just a shade less here.

So? If these in fact are the actual room designs for Resorts World, I think they've got really solid concept in the bedroom, but could use a little editiing and clarification in the living areas.

Big thanks to Mac78130.

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Comments & Discussion:

Parlor Suite table lamps, sponsored by Mentos—the freshmaker.

"This living room looks and feels over furnished."

No problem. Half of it will be gone when the budget is slashed.

While the whole thing does look over-furnished, I really dig the vibe. I'm excited for late 2017... Okay, okay 2018.

" or did Resorts World buy the Linq's junq."

Aw c'mon man - You missed the obvious joke! " or did Resorts World buy the Imperial Palace' junq."

I'm saving up for the Salon Suite. Love the entrance.

How does Mr. Mac find these things?

They might want to rethink that circular sculpture, as you know somebody's going to get their head stuck in it......

^ VIMFP 2017 can't come soon enough.

Nice ocean view from the bedroom. The view after California slides into the ocean, perhaps?

"The big circular sculpture behind the bar…"
It's the Guardian of Forever! Will the spa administer Cordrazine hypos?

And yes, Mr. Mac is amazing. We are not worthy....

I'll go out on a limb here and predict that the ocean-view rooms will fall victim to budget cuts somewhere along the line. Chinese investors beware.

And we thought SLS was shameless with its strip-view promos placing it next to Wynn. G

I can only hope those "ocean views" are like what luxe European hotels try to pass off as 'subterrain' rooms. Rooms that are underground, at ground level, or in the middle of the building that have no windows but instead have video screens so you can "see outside." Something cruise ships are also trying to pony up on. I can see Vegas trying to squeeze so much money out of people that they attempt this. :-)

I'm diggin the whole Asia thing. #BringBackThemes

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