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SLS: Three G's And One E-Flat

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 18th November 2014 1:36pm
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The material was three G's and an E flat. Played loud and played fast. The first and greatest riff of all time.

Material. The cellular level of an idea from which springs life, art, language or society.

Beethoven's 5th Symphony motif

Three G's and an E flat, the fifth and minor third in the key of C minor. Three eight note pick up in 2/4 time. Why not a triplet, Beethoven. Why?

It is rare we are given the opportunity to peek inside the mind of an artist to see the sublime moment when inspiration yields material that ignites the flames of execution where an idea becomes a "thing."

Imagine Steve Wynn, flush with cash obtained by MGM's buyout of Mirage Resorts, turns around and purchases The Desert Inn and its glorious golf course for $270 million dollars. Wynn, whose artistic blood boils with revenge, takes stock of his canvas and the gallery within which it will hang and plots a course of creativity, joined by architect DeRuyter Butler and designer Roger Thomas, to create the most beautiful resort they've ever made. Together, they contemplate, aggregate and iterate until arriving at the post-modernist decision to use modern painter Pablo Picasso's Le Reve as their three G's and an E flat.

Imagine Sam Nazarian, flush with optimism and cash obtained by partnership with Stockbridge Real Estate, turns around and purchases The Sahara for roughly the same price Wynn paid for The Desert Inn. Nazarian, whose blood flows with optimism, takes stock of his canvas and plots his course for creativity, joined by architctural firm Gensler and designer Philippe Starck to create a marquee Las Vegas hotel full of sbe brands. Together, they contemplate, aggregate and interate until Starck arrives at work one day, opens up his brief case and slides this across the table.

SLS Philippe Starck Design

Swinging chandelier party time? Check. Napoleonic-era couture and jewels in oversized scale? Check. Picasso's wallpaper? Super check. Ape escape? Mega check.

SLS Philippe Starck Design

SLS is a Wynn adjacent escape to a world of Napoleonic apes and whimsy turnt up.

Three G's and one E flat.

Thanks Mac78130.

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Comments & Discussion:

Just spent 4 nights at SLS and it was overall a pretty nice property. It appeared like a decent crowd most nights and all restaurants were busy. Ate at Griddle Cafe, Katsuya, Umami, Bazaar meat, and the buffet (on its final night). Surprisingly, Bazaar was the problematic one with both service and food quality issues. Lots of people taking the monorail and seemed like a fair number of locals. It is still too expensive and the location will ultimately be a problem. Room was great (Lux Signature King) and had no noise issues. There are lots of great little design elements throughout the property (especially monkeys, Sahara references, and 007 movies)

Blackjack rules?

Took me a while to get the the SLS part of the post after getting sidetracked by that fantastic link to the Bernstein video.

With all of my heart, that beats to opera and Dokken, Thank You for that link.

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