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Did You Know That Casino Player Cards Come With Hole Punches in Various Locations?

By WestCoastGamblr on Friday, 1st August 2014 12:06pm
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We all love gambling when we're in Vegas and we certainly love being rewarded for our gambling by way of our membership in players clubs. However, while drinking our fifth cup of coffee this morning, we came across a sudden realization: Do you know that small hole punch included on most casino cards that can be used by most players to attach them to an optional lanyard provided by most casinos? Well, did you also know that those hole punches can be found in varying locations, sizes, and shapes? Well, we found out that they do.

mLife players card

Take, for example, this Mlife card. It has a hole punch placed in the bottom right hand corner of the card. From our experiences, this tends to be the standard across most major casino players card.

the d players card

But look at this card from The D. In a way, it has a punch based in the standard right corner, but based on its orientation, it really appears to have a punch in the bottom left hand corner. We were impressed by this change in perspective.

the d players card

Then there is this Grazie card that is something of a rarity. It has a punch located in the center of the card.

golden nugget atlantic city players card

This 24 Karat Card from Golden Nugget takes a similar approach, but swaps the hole punch entirely for a much roomier oblong. This allows the gambler much more flexibility in attaching her lanyard to the card in an orientation of her choice. It's gambling-focused thinking like this that keeps us coming and playing at the Golden Nugget and in Downtown and in Atlantic City.

red card players club

Ever the luxury resort, Wynn's Red Card foregoes the punch entirely.

total rewards players club

And then there's the most rare of casino players cards. This Total Rewards card hole is not quite in the middle, yet not quite in the corner.

Those are a few of our favorite players club card punch hole locations, but we would also love to hear from you. What kind of hole placement have you noticed on players club cards? Tell us in the comments!

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Comments & Discussion:

Cards from Revel, Borgata and Sands Pa all have the Oblong punch out in same location as the AC Golden Nugget's 24kt Card above.

Is it just a coincidence that the 3 AC casinos and 1 PA casino cards have the same oblong punchout????

These are the 3 cards that I carry with me all of the time, like my AMEX. I will check the other casino cards, (Ct casinos, other AC casinos and other PA casinos) I have @ home and report back.

The holes are for attaching a keychain so that the cards do not become lost.

Or one of those leashes you see primarily older players attach to a belt loop (a style that the hipsters have yet to adapt). When they walk away without removing the card from the machine, the card comes flying out to remind them not to leave the card in the machine or else suffer the consequences.

WestCoastGamblr? Did a sparkly-cactus'd website just get burned by this exposé?

Vespajet, the hipsters will attach their players cards to one of two teathers; 1) a 1980's wallet chain, 2) an olde timey vest pocket watch chain

Haha love the last paragraph.

That was a riveting article, if I had not read the byline I would have assumed it was a gambler from the other coast

I noticed this inconsistency in hole location many years ago. If you collect them on the same ring they won't lie together in a good way. To fix this situation I got my hole punch out and corrected the ones that don't play nice.


Hi, I'm Skywise and I keep my players cards on a chain attached to my belt loop (except for M-Life because I use it to earn points at restaurants and taking it off the chain was a hassle)

When I first started to going to Vegas I saw older people with O2 tanks using them and they looked like they were hooked up to the slots as if they were another life support machine (and they probably were...) But after you've been hopping around the strip enough you're going to have at least 5 cards and the belt chain is just... convenient.
It's actually part of my Vegas tradition and is packed on the carry on so it's on the belt as soon as I hit the strip.

And yes the holes are annoying! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get the stupid Grazie card to mesh up with the rest of the cards on the chain like that!?! (and you'll note the card slots are setup so that if you do punch the hole in the right place and don't put it right on the edge it won't fit into the reader with the chain on!) The Wynn card just screams "We don't belong on the chain with those... common cards"

(One more note... having the card on the chain is very helpful when you're drunk off your butt which makes it very easy to forget your card is in the slot and walk away... >THWAP< oh yeah...my card...)

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