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VegasEats: $1.99 Foot Long Hot Dog at Casino Royale Snack Nook

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 9th July 2014 12:44pm
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Immediately after leaving Giada, I headed north on the Strip, strolling through The Linq and then the Quad, where I stopped at the door of Guy Fieri's restaurant and pondered the possibility of having dinner #2. My inner monologue went something like this... "Oooh. Guy's Vegas Kitchen... bring it!" "Are you really going to go in there? you just ate almost an entire appetizer plate designed for four people at Giada." "Fuck her, fuck her brains out! Doooo it!".

The good angel won, Guy got his the next day. But I had similar fights outside of KGB Burger and The Oyster Bar Harrah's as I made my way north, eventually landing at Casino Royale.

"Cinnabon" I thought "It's kinda dessert, isn't it? I could text a photo to Misnomer!"

Then I saw it... the Casino Royale Snack Nook's fabled $1.99 Foot Long Hot Dog.

Casino Royale 1.99 Counter

Meat tubes answer all prayers. Nevermind that I just ate for four at Giada... I walked up to the counter and said "Most popular combo, please." "Chili and Cheese?" the cashier asked. "Most popular combo" I replied.

And like lightning it arrived.

Casino Royale 1.99 Delivere

Dare I subject this work of art to the public mise en place? Of course.

Casino Royale 1.99 Condimen

I found my way to the Snack Nook's seating area which has about as much ambience as circa 1982 video arcade snack bar, which it kinda is.

Casino Royale 1.99 Dog Seat

Alas, Dinner #2.... the Most Popular Combo at Casino Royale Snack Noon's $1.99 Foot Long Hot Dog.'

Casino Royale 1.99 Dog

The dog was non-snappy, slightly chewy, slightly spicy and topped with relish, wiz style cheesy sauce, and slightly smokey chili plopped in a slightly crisped but still fluffy bun. The tastiest bargain on The Strip?

The bill for one "most popular combo", no drink, came to $4.08.

Casino Royale 1.99 Bill

Wonder what's for dinner #3?

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Comments & Discussion:

It does look a lot more appetizing than the infamous Megadog at the Westward Ho.....

The megadog was probably 2x girth. that mofo was huge!

I loved the Westward Ho's Megadog, but I'm a gourmand, not a gourmet. Anyhow, forget the zillion dollar hotels--I'll head back to the strip for one of these--now if they had the beer and strawberry shortcake all for $5, like the 'Ho, then they'd have a sure winner!!

I seem to recall that Slots-A-Fun sells a half pound hot dog that is similar to the old Megadog (Which I managed to choke down about half of before throwing in the towel my very first Vegas trip.). The Megadog reminded me of the sort of hot dogs you'd get in school.

Mo su to popula com bo

Here's our Megadog review from 2006.


And who says that size doesn't matter. (Someone had to say this!)

Your intestines have scheduled an intervention for your brain.

That just looks scary but cheap.

Loving the contrast of the relish against the mustard yellow cheese topping. Looks damn good to me.

@mnvegasguy, you beat me to it. Just remember, girth is more important than length!

@vespa, I remember the Slots-A-Fun dog. We called it the "zombie finger" and I downed more of those (in the early days) than I will ever admit here....

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