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Caesars Linq's The Quad

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 2nd July 2014 4:23pm
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I knew something was afoot this weekend when I saw this sign on the elevator banks.

And the next day, this... paint color tests and glass balcony installs on the exterior of Quad hotel towers.

And then this... the entire tower is closed... errr open... as the interiors are being gutted for the long promised renovation.

Actually, to be fair, we knew something was amiss about The Quad name long long ago... go ahead, read this then come back.

News broke yesterday (posted to The Board by VT superfriend SteveCovington) that Caesars Entertainment was going to rebrand The Quad - the post renovation name for Imperial Palace - as Linq Hotel.

Peep this video sent to us by VT superfriend MinVegas:

The video shows the new rooms, interiors and the blues and greens exterior paint job... all without The Quad name.

The big Question really is which Q will survive? The modern typeface Q in Linq OR the curly tail Q in Quad or the big fancy red, Quiznos meets-tv-preacher-Joel-Osteen rip off Q logo bug?

And what about all that brand new casino carpeting?

But why the name change? Does the name The Quad suddenly suck? Is the Linq a draw or a bust? Does anybody really care what the name is anymore? Didn't Caesars do all those surveys and ask employees and marketing experts to tell them what the name is? Do they really have the time and money to call a friggin DO OVER barely six months after the joint sort of opens? This is the opposite of visionary.

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Comments & Discussion:

More importantly, which shell company will they sell (insert casino of choice) to in order to finance this rebranding?

It looks like some of the public spaces will be updated as those renderings don't match anything in the former IP or OShea'a. It's a rather generic space for the most part, it wouldn't take much to give it a better and more cohesive fesign. That goes for you as well, Aria.

The color looks awful, they should go back to the drawing boards

Oh good. It's getting a neon paint job. This is going to look worse than that all white all over thing that Tropicana has

The bright colors will keep you up. i am not really shocked by this and if the rebrand leads to new rooms then go for it because the shiny new outside doesn't make me want to stay there.

Linq Hotel eh? So, which room is Zelda's?

Maybe I've missed it, but they said they are spending $223mil on this and it will be complete by Oct 30th? Is this new (fake) cash being dumped into the joint, or additional, or just that the branding will be completed by Oct 30th with the other renovations, etc. completing afterwards?

I would bet on the branding and the rooms

This looks like the reno that's been needed for years. It's still going to be a budget joint, but so what? You can't beat the location and at least now the rooms won't be skanky. I give it a thumbs-up.

They're going to be jumping up the room rates dramatically once it officially becomes The Linq Hotel.

Just checked room rates for Thanksgiving weekend (11/20-11/24) and the cheapest room type (Deluxe King) is going for $125.25/night (before taxes and resort fees). Those rates put The Linq up there with Planet Hollywood and Paris in terms of room rates. They'll probably market The Linq to those folks who can't swing the $249+/night for The Cromwell but still want a "hip" place to stay at.

Rule #1 of corporate failure, blame, blame, blame. I can just hear the internal call now, well since the revenue for the former IP and new Linq is down well below projections, we decided to change the name, as we realized that the name Quad has proven to be the reason for the reduced revenue.

The official opening date is 10/30 according to the nice spiffy email I got asking me to be one of the first guests. They have no idea who I am as far as i know so I guess a lot of people got one. They even toss in free High Roller tickets

For a brief moment the other day when bringing up November, Linq and Quad were listed on Caesars site, assuming it was remodeled rooms vs not remodeled, but alas it was only for a brief moment.

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