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Wynn Palace Gets A Logo And Much More

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 23rd June 2014 1:30pm
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Wynn Palace, Steve Wynn's first megaresort in Macau's Cotai Strip has a logo.

Wynn Palace Logo

Bringing together the classic Wynn crest with two bird shaped creatures - possibly referencing the magical peacocks? or a phoenix? or a peacock on fire?

Or maybe the original shape of the tower?

Which has since evolved into this South Point-esque thing:

And now this shiny beast:

Construction is now underway.

It isn't too early to book your room for first and only Vegas Internet Mafia Macau Family Picnic (hashtag #VIMMFP bitches) at Wynn Palace's opening 2016!

Big thanks to JohnH, MikeE and SteveCovington for the tips!

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Comments & Discussion:

I really enjoyed the sloping one at the top. Very different yet elegant and I wish they built that one.

I wish they built the first tower (the one behind Steve). That building looks so majestic. I reminds me of when one is browsing through Architecture Digest and sees the entrance of a truly beautiful house with the two staircases (one on each house). It makes the house/space look all the nicer. I wonder what made them change their minds from the original hotel tower design. Would give anything to ask Steve, Roger and/or D that question. The fountains fronting the original design look more elegant too.

Okay lets look for inspiration from previous Wynn designed hotels:

1.) The front of the building has the same shape as the front of Beau Riveage

2.) The main entrance is where Treasure Islands is.

3.) The color the building is the same as Wynn Las Vegas.

4.) Beach club at the front of the building a la Encore.

5.) Fountains are the same format as the fountains of Bellagio

6.) Top of the building has gold tinted windows like Mirage was before the Beatles Love wrap went on.

Ive never been to Golden Nugget Las Vegas so I dont know if there is any design influence from there.

At first, I wondered why the hotel was X-shaped and wouldn't have the typical Y-shape (like Bellagio, Monte Carlo, Mirage, the Venelazzos, etc.), but then I noticed the water to the rear of the property.

Thus, I can make more sense of the current design. Though I love the gently curving arm-hug in the first rendering, it wouldn't be wise for that design's baller end-of-hallway suites to not have those water views.

Except for the inclusion of a pool, the ground floor of the second rendering looks like the Bellagio's shops/casino/dining. The third rendering's inclusion of two tiers of canopies does break that illusion up a bit, but the fountains remain an uncanny cousin to Lake Bellagio.

I wonder if the slopey terraces of the first rendering (lovely for sure) created too much of a guest security issue, too. If the wrong person gains access to a terrace, it would appear easy to drop in on the terraces below it.

Not to plow numbers into the game with a man with as much money to blow as Wynn has here, but I think a lot of the changes from the "hugger" concept to the current design have to do with expense management. A curved tower with stepping floors is beautiful, but costly. A curved building is not really curved but in essence continually changing angles to look like a curve, and as any builder knows any angle in a wall increases the cost.

Logistically the mid-lengthened X gets the gist of the design out front while allowing for cost savings and advantages like additional floor space per floor and a layout which allows a multitude of views and angles with which Wynn D&D can play.


It may also be about differentiating the structures. Wynn Macau and Encore Macau are both curved towers after all.

The original Wynn Palace design looked like a hybrid of Wynn and Encore Macau's towers. This new design, by getting rid of the curvature and adding the gold sections, differentiates the location more strongly.


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