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The New Treasure Island

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 23rd June 2014 12:20pm
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In a strange way, plunder and pillage truly is the theme of Treasure Island.

For long time fans of Las Vegas, the slow, steady, ongoing, ghettoification of Treasure Island at the hands of Phil Ruffin has been more than a little disconcerting.

Previous owner MGM took a swing at transforming the joint from swashbuckling family destination into a wenchy sex dungeon vibe, replete with sexy sushi joints, Mist ultra lounge and a Christian "Ed Hardy" Audigier nightclub. Hell, even Steve Wynn performed a "bootyectomy" on his creation shortly after opening, as told to the Vegas Gang by Roger Thomas himself

Raid. Ravage. Ransack.

Inch by inch, Phil Ruffin has pored over every actionable piece of TI's real estate. He's plopped in a Starbucks (yet drinking Folgers!), Margarita bars, lousy Mexican food joints and now this....

Treasure Island Car Dealership

A three level building which will contain a CVS on the bottom floor and an auto dealership on the top two floors.

Treasure Island Car Dealership
New Oldsmobiles are in early this year!

And now the good news... the new addition at TI isn't going to look like a taco shack. It's going to look like a medical office building.

Treasure Island Car Dealership

It could've been worse.

But what about the rest of Buccaneer Bay? They're putting in a fountain show in the unused portion... for now. Check out these construction photos via our friends at SkyScraperCity.

Thanks to VT superfriend JZ and Mac78130 for the tips!

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Comments & Discussion:

The Sirens of CVS.....

I went by that monstrosity multiple times during the weekend of #VT10 and it just make me angry. It makes me glad that Ruffin hasn't gotten his Folgers drinking paws on the Mirage or another property. Of course that empty lot next to Trump International is also part of his legacy since he sold the Frontier to developers who overpaid for the place and in the end, lost it. That deal hiked up land values all along the Strip and when the bubble burst, a lot of financial types were left holding the bag.

no need to drop the pirate theming, behold, the fountains of BellARRRRRRgio.

In the immortal words of Kurtz from Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now:
" the horror....the horror..."

Be thankful he didn't put in a gas station.


They've permanently defaced one of the greatest hotel facades anywhere. I'm glad I have great memories of the way it was.

I'm disgusted.

Thank God, another drugstore. BTW, nice Blues Brother reference.

Sadly the comment about the terrible Mexican food joint could not be more on the money. I read several horrible Yelp reviews for Senor Frogs a couple of years ago, but decided against common sense, to give the place a shot. One of the worse meals I have ever had. The $.99 Frozen Enchiladas Meal that Banquet use to have in the Walmart freezer case tasted better than my Senior Frogs meal. The S.Frog meal was $30. Also, I believe Senior Frogs is the only sit down Mexican Restaurant I have dined at where complimentary chips and salsa were not provided.

Treasure Island, before Mirage converted the theme to go after the Yuppies, especially back from the Wynn Era use to be such a cool unique property. These days I have zero desire to go to that place.

Imagine the giant CVS Phil would turn the Volcano into if he got a hold of The Mirage. Keeping my fingers crossed that never ever happens!

Does he have a clue that he is destroying a pretty good property? The rooms are great and have one the best matresses I have ever slept on but he seems to want to destroy the outside instead of putting things on the inside.

Are they at least awesome cars?

Vespajet you may be onto something with the Sirens of CVS...

I'm picturing scantily clad women defending themselves against the beastly Admiral Psoriasis by slathering each other in various topical creams and ointments.

@weatherman Saturns.

Remember that in the end, some Government Entity in Clark County approved this idea to deface the Strip..if you're the folks trying to build something on the old Stardust property, aren't you more than a little afraid that somebody sees this, turns around, and does not continue to your property?

A Starbucks near T-I..I can live with that...this thing defies logic...

Retailers LOVE circular buildings. That's why so many malls are shaped like doughnuts and not blocky rectangles.

I eagerly await the day I can pay an upcharge to have a room that overlooks the CVS.

I would have been cool with the CVS if they did the building in a pirate theme. Make the facade and even the interior of it match sirens cove and I guarantee, I and many others would go to that CVS vs Wallgreens across the street.

What's wrong with Folgers? At least it doesn't taste like they cooked the beans for three hours too long (looking your way, starbucks...)

Besides, after cream and sugar, it all is pretty much the same - caffiene.

"No words... They should've brought a poet..."

Obviously it was built to block the view of the fashion mall from the sidewalk. "There's nothing past here - this is the shopping mall where you can buy... Yugos... And condoms...

This isn't about the customer at all - he knows he can't get the rooms filled and the gambling is down so he gets large rental fees for retail space on the strip until Wynn/MGM/Caesers/Las Vegas tourist commission get the crowds back for him. (Because he's certainly not even attempting it)
Why is he even in the hotel biz, let alone the resort hotel biz?

A medical building would have been approriate to have my head examined for eating at Senior Frogs. Only Vince Neil's joint in the LVH keeps Frogs from being the worst on the (on or near) the Strip.

A classic car dealership would be interesting. That would almost make sense.

I have memories of staying there when it was newly built. It was a wonderful property back in those days. I stayed there a few more times over the course of some of the changes but it's been at least 7 or 8 years. In addition to Mist, they also had a short lived nightclub called Tangerine. It is one of 2 or 3 properties that I have zero interest in ever stepping into again.

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