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Wynn Poker Wishes You Bad Luck Or Short Change

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 11th June 2014 11:58am
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Earlier this week, Wynn Poker sent out a promo to one of their poker tournaments which violates one of the basic tenets of gambling advertising.

But first, lets review:

Tenet #1: if you are using dice, use squared edge casino dice, not black and white board game dice.

Tenet #2: if you are using dice that have been illustrated, please draw the pips correctly, opposite sides add up to seven.

Tenet #3: when reenacting gambling scenarios for photographs, don't let actors celebrate non-victories, i.e. slots payline that aren't winners, blackjack hands that have been beat, poker hands that lose, video poker misses etcetera.

Tenet #4: when reenacting gambling scenarios for photographs, make sure the payouts are correct, chips on table games AND credits on machines.

And then there is this, thanks to Wynn Poker.

Tenet #5: Simpson's Law - never, ever, ever, ever use $50 bills in a casino, let alone a goddamn advertisement. Poker legend Doyle Brunson himself discusses the $50 bill in his seminal book on poker Super System. Surely the goons who operate Wynn Poker have read the book - even I have and I'm the WORST poker player in the universe

Why not deal a seven deuce unsuited as the winner too? At least a poker player will laugh about that.

I don't believe in the traditional superstitions, but there are a couple that I still honor. Like most Poker players, I don't like to be paid in $50 bills. But there's also a reason for that. It's easy to mistake a $50 bill for a $5 bill.

Shame on you Wynn Poker, this faux pax is almost as bad as using a cactus that is the symbol of state of Arizona as the logo of Las Vegas website.

Big thanks to VT superfriends HawaiianMark and level42 for the tweet tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Wow, this is embarrassing. I learned this rule on my first trip to LV and never made that mistake again.

When I go to the bank before a Vegas trip, I have to tell them "NO FIFTIES!" (One trip, I went to another branch because all the branch by my office had was $20s and $50s.). Last trip, I did get two of them, but I made sure to break them before I arrived in Vegas.

Some of us know a reason why Chuckmonster doesn't like $50 bills in Vegas either....

In addition!

- It's a promo for a poker tourney but they're showing cash game chips
- The chips add up to about $170, while the cash is likely $5k. What does that even mean.
- No poker player has ever stacked their chips like that

$50s aren't nifty? You can give them all to me.

Ah, I thought the faux pas was using $1 chips - but yes, the $50s are a big no no.

"It's easy to mistake a $50 bill for a $5 bill."

If that is the main "logic" behind this argument against the $50, it is fucking retarted...er, excuse me...on the spectrum.

So does that mean you confuse $100 bills with $10 bills, or $10 bills with singles? Oooh, better watch out - don't want to use a $20 instead of your lucky $2 bill...

I never carry 50's in Vegas. The only time i carried more than 20's was when I used the ATM in Bellagio and it gave me 100's which i broke down asap.

The Grant rule is gambler religion, I know. But....

1) Last year I wanted to try a cocktail on the menu at Bellagio's sports book. To my horror, found a fifty in my stash. Figured, What the hell, I was gonna buy this drink anyway.... Put it in the poker machine, won double the price of the drink. Only winning run that entire trip.

2) Early in my Vegas days, took airport shuttle van to overnight layover at Luxor. Had wallet out for easy access. Didn't have it when I got to front desk. This was post-9/11 and I thought, Great, can't even get a bus ticket home without ID.... Called shuttle company and a very helpful dispatcher got in touch w/ driver who arrived, shaking his head and telling me he'd made two additional airport runs since. Handed me my wallet, cash intact. Thanked him profusely and tipped him w/ the only money I'd brought for gambling -- a fifty, before I knew the Grant rule.

But to this day, try to obey that rule....

eco74, nice catch. But I'd guess the stack is supposed to resemble the Wynncore towers.

nullzero00, maybe Brunson should've added "when drunk." Although a serious player wouldn't drink. Maybe in his earlier wilder days.... But you blaspheme! Brunson is legend! ;)

^^ "But to this day, _I_ try to obey that rule...."

(Sorry, no Edit function here like on the Board.)

Always thought that $2 bills were bad luck.
Assume the $1 chips are for roulette or payments of 5 to five blackjack.

I like $50 bills they are better than 20's and not as dangerous as $100. I love to put a $50 bill in a slot machine instead of $100. Or $50 at a $5 game.

To be fair to Doyle Brunson, back in his day the gamblers would carry around $500s, $1,000s, $5,000s and even $10,000s, so maybe the $50 mistake was more understandable.

$10's line up wrong too, so I don't carry those as well. Nothing worse then being OCD with your money and trying to figure out how you want the opposite facing 10 in theer.

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