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New Feature Posted: Inside Rob Oseland, Hard Hat Touring The SLS Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th May 2014 5:22pm
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Just a quick note to those tuned into the RSS and @vegastripping Twitter account that we've posted a very special feature article Inside Rob Oseland - Hard Hat Touring The SLS Las Vegas.

During VT10 weekend Admiral Hunter Hillegas (who goes by RateVegas on VT) went on a hard hat tour of SLS Las Vegas with property president Rob Oseland. He left no stone unturned in his questioning of Oseland - from his days at Wynn to the challenges of SLS - and also brought back an incredible analysis of SLS' treasures and troubles from deep inside the forthcoming resort.

Grab a pillow, a glass of Skyy on the rocks with stuffed olives, shot of espresso, line of blow or whatever it is that excites your mind and settles in for this mind meltingly massive (nearly 3,000 words) analysis of SLS Las Vegas, a rare and wonderful written treat from the (semi) retired genius behind Two Way Hard Three and the creator of VegasMate for iOS.

Step up folks.... Inside Rob Oseland - Hard Hat Touring The SLS Las Vegas.

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Comments & Discussion:

Great preview. I'm excited about SLS Vegas. Lots of potential customers from both LA and from South Beach. It's all about the experience, and the rates are reasonable, especially when compared to South Beach. Like the idea of the entrance off Paradise. If anyone can make it happen, it's Rob Oseland. Can't wait to at least see if my enthusiasm is partially justified when I see it for myself in October.

I'm really excited to check out SLS when I'm in Vegas for VIMFP weekend. Was there any discussions about having VIMFP at SLS? Great article Hunter!

Nice article. Thank you for taking the time to visit the place and give us your honest opinion.

One thing that just came to mind this morning is in regards to the drawing customers question. Seems that within 1/2 mile in all directions are casinos that draw a large amount of customers. Riviera and Circus-Circus to the south, LVH to the east, Stratosphere to the north and Palace Station to the west. I admit that SLS will have to get them in the door and close the deal, but it sits in the middle of a busy casino group, on the edge of the most famous casino space on earth, has major streets on two sides, a monofail station on property, and is a quarter mile from a very busy Interstate highway. There is a tremendous amount of traffic at that location even if it isn't the center Strip location that we are most familiar with.

At last, this decade plus Sahara fan finally feels some excitement about SLS. I suppose it's to late to get the S's in SLS shaped like the Sahara "S". On the plus side, if they're slow getting people inside the new place - it might be a really fun place to hang out at for a while, welcome and appreciated.. Thanks for the nice piece!!

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