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Updated: Peep These SLS Interior Photos

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 13th May 2014 1:14pm
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Update: added another photo of the casino floor below.

A few weeks before VT10, me and the Admrial were invited to take a behind the scenes tour of SLS. Perfect timing? Obviously.

The invitation came with red tape and some suggestions as to where and how we were to discuss the tour experience. As expected, there would be NO photography allowed.

I've been on a bunch of these pre-opening tours. Some - a tour of Encore with Roger Thomas himself - were mind-bending. Others - a tour of Encore with Jerry Beale - sucked. Other great tours included wandering around Cosmopolitan with the VT staff, Dr. Dave and Hunter guided by Cosmopolitan PR boss Amy Rosetti and touring back of house at Wynn with former Wynn COO Andrew Pascal and former Encore COO (and current SLS boss) Rob Oseland. Throughout all of these pre-opening PR experiences, the best experience was when ARIA let us wander the entire property unattended.

My plan for VT10 weekend was to get loaded and gamble with my friends with a side order of shooting the VIMFP trailer and recording an episode of The Vegas Gang podcast. Thusly, I inquired with SLS about having available VT staffers and/or a small cadre of VT10 attendees attend instead, giving SLS the opportunity to directly pitch their wares to them without any interloping on my behalf. They declined and so did I.


Hey look. SLS employees have been posting a ton of photos of the interiors on Instagram!

A countdown clock, so employees know how long they have to wait till opening.

"Bazaar Meat" by Jose Andres. There's a joke in there somewhere...

Here's SLS's ripoff of Travelocity's Roaming Gnome called SLS Sam posing at what might be the casino cage's unexciting signage.

The Admiral described this (I'm paraphrasing) as some of the ugliest casino carpet he's ever seen. If I wasn't reserving judgment, I might agree.

Update: more recent pic of carpet.

This is a hallway that leads to Life night club.

Umami Burger, Beer Garden & Sports Book. There are NO substitutions.

A four pack of three signs - Foxtail x2, The Sayers Club and Ku Noodles (formerly known as EB-5 noodles)

Another four pack - Griddle Cafe, 800 degrees, Umami and Bazaar Meat.

Some ceiling stripes at Foxtail!

Need some coffee and etc?

Big thanks to VT VP of Research Mac78130 for the stuff.

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Comments & Discussion:

Ah, this is good, I can reference these in my post... which I'm working on. But I am slow.

I'm looking forward to etc.

That carpet is hideous.

Is Bizarre Meat the SLS version of the Get Tow?

Anyway ... 800 Degrees, Foxtail, and Umami have nice branding (so far). But if not for that light, I'd think The Sayers Club photo was taken at the Riv, and that noodle bar sign is generic and bland. I, however, would not describe the casino carpet as generic or bland. It's ... something.

The Griddle Cafe looks like a steaming pile of turds, which...I mean...I guess that's an accurate indicator.

Who had the brilliant idea of naming a place Bazzar Meat?

The Berlin Wall looked better than that carpet.

The bare concrete floor looks better than the carpet. Would be easier to clean too.

The name "800° Degrees" is going to grate on me every time I see it. That's my 2¢ cents. Period.

The carpet reminds me of the street level glass entrance at Cosmo, which works there, but not as a carpet, ick.

That nightclub hallway looks like something directly out of the seasonal temporary haunted houses here in Cleveland.

Without seeing it in person, the signage looks really out of place for the vibe they are going for at the property, perhaps it's just seeing the close up shots.

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