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Watch This Snappy Delano Virtual Tour

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 30th April 2014 10:47am
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Fire up the coffee machine and put on your dancin' shoes... it's time for snappy, oontzy virtual tour of forthcoming THEhotel replacer, Delano Las Vegas!

Spa jams? Check. Backlit sheer drapes? Check. Square box lights hanging from the ceiling? Check. Rough sawn tables? Check. Curvy lacquered furnishing? Check. The punchlist of contemporary design features is thoroughly complete.

Public areas look great! The concise, clutter free look of the light and dark penthouse suites is quite bitchin'. Great.

But wait... there's an entire press release and media event going on containing photos we posted in December! Robin Leach is tweeting exclusives!

BUT WAIT AGAIN! The website is open and accepting reservations starting for September 1, 2014. Here's the rate card for the first two months... average $140-$250 mid week, $250+ on weekends... with occasional spikes into the high $300 range. Seems a little low, but I'll take it. Oh yeah... resort fee adds another $28 on that per night.

Thank you to The Ultra Mega Sexy Super Ferret for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Judging by the lack of comments, y'all must be less than impressed OR... just don't give a shit?

I'll weigh in...

The public spaces are masculine and do an excellent job balancing retro and modern touches. It's far from what I expected from a brand whose only other existing property is in South Beach (Miami), but I like it. I figured things would look like a cross between the white King Suite in the pictures and video above and the Tropicana Las Vegas. Speaking of the white bedrooms, they're an interesting divergence from the rest of the design scheme.

Oh, and Robin Leach just got SNIPED.

It looks like what I would have expected a refreshed THEhotel to look like. Room configuration is almost the same but with a different color scheme. Prices seem about right to me.

I like MGM's $30 early check-in feature. I can drive into town and check-in immediately at 9:30am. Avoids the hassle of going back to the front desk to see if a room is available yet.

I personally think this is all cool, but I still have mixed feelings on the change over.

I really liked THEDark color scheme of THEHotel although the lighter colors could work too. Will really just have to see it in person. Two things I do not like about the rebrand are 1.) I think the white headboard thing is really played out in Vegas these days. They have them in some suites at Aria, MGM, Hotel32, etc. I realize that MGM Resorts probably has the same designer for all their properties but still enough. To me anything that can not be easily cleaned should not be white in a hotel. Imagine how many liquids will be splattered on those headboards. Unfortunately you can't just throw the thing in a washing machine like the bed sheets. 2.) THEBathroom is basically unchanged. I really like the current design, but with the new design language/color scheme I think they could have done something to bring the bathroom in-line with the rest of the rooms and hotel in general. Luckily the rates are really low per night, but I would be more than willing to pay $20-30 more for a refreshed bathroom. More if it had a spa-tub and chromatherapy shower for example. The bathroom and the view are some of the most important things to me in a hotel.

Now what I do like. In the words of the great Chuckmonster, the replacement for the M Penthouse (the corner one) looks bitchin'. The pool table is sweet and I really like the decor in it. Of all the rooms in the hotel aside from whatever it is they end up doing with their one, and thus far unattainable to me, Presidential Suite aka my White Whale, I would take this room. I also like the fact that they are putting more emphasis on on-premises dining, and I hope they will have a 24/7 cafe instead of just room service. Also hoping they dress up their porte a cochere, although anything they do at this point is an improvement.

Am I crazy, or does the lobby and public spaces seem like they have no cohesion to the upstairs hallways and guest rooms? I don't know if I love that stark difference. Like PKLU said, I'm a fan of the darker moodier room.

I like the renderings and the design scheme, hopefully it looks just as good in person.

The overall look of the place is very minimal and masculine with a Zen Garden feel in certain public areas. Sort of like Aria but more sparse and minimal. I like it but clearly it isn't for everyone and even I think it could do with something a little more dramatic and "OMG STUNNING". That said if you want a downtempo Vegas visit it is a good choice.

The rooms are indeed a bit light-colored but I still like the modernism of them.

So overall pretty nice.

All that money and they couldnt update the bathrooms???? they stick out like a sore thumb.

@ Diable that was one of my points as well. Since the theme is white with pops of gold, the bathrooms should be more along the lines of the Wynn/Encore with beige and white colors.

For a moment there I thooght i was on the third floor of Cosmo. The place does look damn impressive

Hard to tell if it will really look like the renderings, but I liked the white/grey suite, and the white typical rooms. Otherwise it looked prety uninteresting...

I like it, a lot. Especially that last room, the all black one with the black pooltable. The whole thing looks extremely nice and well decorated and definitely a step up from THEHotel. I like the all white bedrooms in the standard suites, something about a punched headboard always sits right with me. The beds look comfy and there's nothing more than waking up in a nice hotel, in a super bed, in a fantastic room. :-)
I call this a win

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