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What The Hell Golden Nugget Spa?

By MissMonkay on Tuesday, 29th April 2014 12:02pm
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Vegas trips are synonymous with many things. One such thing, at least for this girl, are trips to the spa. Not an incredibly unique pastime, granted, but one that brings me much joy. For equivalent to about an hour at a blackjack table, I can get my lux on, melting away the hours toiled in front of a computer or on the congested streets of Los Angeles (that really brings the worst out of me).

For our upcoming trip to Vegas, where we will be whooping it up downtown, we booked a room in a joint that does not have an in-house spa. Not too surprising, really, as it is downtown where shit is raw. Downtown is what Vegas used to be before the celebutard chefs, before the oontzing button-down/jeans crowd paid $100 entry fees to listen to DJ MouseHat spin (he's spinnin') real (debatable) music. Downtown is still the home of the shrimp cocktail, for fuck's sake. Of course spas are not commonplace.

So, in a valiant effort to keep shit local, I started looking into the spa at Golden Nugget. What I found was pretty impressive.

1) The photos indicate that the touch of Roger Thomas is still lingering
2.) The treatments are pricy (for Downtown)
3.) Reading fine print is important

As I was perusing options, I noticed that the 25K massage (80 minutes) which includes some sort of exfoliation of the back, a massage and a scalp massage runs $200. A similar treatment at Wynn will set you back about $210. A standard 50 minute massage at Wynn runs about $160, whereas a standard 50 minute massage is $130 at Golden Nugget.

Golden Nugget Spa

However, one thing that differs between Golden Nugget and Wynn Las Vegas is the Nug's addition of a '20% service charge' to spa treatments. This information is buried deep, deep in the spa section of the site. Further, it states that only a portion of the 20% service charge goes towards gratuity. They also tell you you can add more if you so choose. So, that means that your $200 24K massage now becomes $240 and your standard relaxing massage becomes $156, which bring them much more inline with a treatment at Wynn.

Since only portion of that 20% is allocated towards gratuity, once has to wonder, "How much?" If I were to forgo adding more to that up-charge, will my treatment specialist then get the shaft? In the end, they are the ones that will ultimately lose in this scenario. I am generally a 20% tipper on these sorts of services, but I am certainly not going to add more to the pot if I am already being charged 20%. This means that the masseuses or the estheticians are the real losers here. Me? I choose not to play these bullshit games, at least while I am still presented with options. I will drive my happy ass over to The Strip to get straightforward pricing. Oh the irony.

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Comments & Discussion:

It's small and dated; more on-par with Monte Carlo than Wynn. There are really no other spas downtown.

I hate this, I believe the Elemis Spa at PH and Paris, do something similar, at least in my experience they charge a 20% 'Service Fee' and at times when I've inquired on whether that is the tip or not, I've gotten different answers from different people. I don't mind the automatic charge, but like you I hate that I don't know how much of it goes to the attendant (if any) and if I don't factor in the price, as you pointed out, you wind up paying a bunch for a service in a place that is subpar to many other facilities.

That's a long way of saying, nice writeup!

I'll rub you down for a dime.

no spa at Downtown Grand?

It's damn stupid marketing to establish policies that piss off well-meaning potential customers with this kind of asinine language while shaking them down in advance for an additional tip on top of that 20%. You gotta wonder who's thinking this stuff up.

Unfortunately, this is becoming more common in high-end spas. I worked with Mandara/Elemis, owner of Paris and PHo spas and they do this across all of their properties... On Golden Nugget, as I've said here before -- I really enjoyed it, granted it's been sesveral years ago now, but for downtown it was a bit of a jewel box. Yes, small, but with a lot of amenities and embellishments via the Roger Thomas days. I do hope the Downtown Grand will find a space for a spa, I think GN needs the competition and it would be great to see DG become a full service resort.

If I put on my naive hat for a moment, I would say that a spa might add it in automatically because a lot of foreigners probably use a disproportionate amount of the spa services. Their cultures do not lend to tipping for things like this, so I can see it being added automatically. Service charges are routinely added to everything in South Beach for this reason.

What I can't understand, however, is how they suggest that only a portion is a gratuity to your provider. That's absurd!

All of these extra fees in LV are getting out of control and really starting to piss me off!

i'll buy that for a dollar

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