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Strike Up The Band: The Park Releases More Details

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 28th April 2014 5:11pm
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MGM Resorts International dropped some press release this morning, assembling a horn section of Wagnerian proportions to sing to the heavens a dozen paragraphs laden with trendy buzzwords aimed to sympathetically vibrate your heart strings.

I don't know about you but LEED certified treescaping, a canopy of LED lighting, shaded patio seating where you can enjoy offerings from "unique-to-market, up-and-coming" food & beverage as (corporate approved / deloused) "street performers" make me run to MLife.com to book my next vacation. It certainly makes the local gaming reporters and corporate bloggers eager to drive 8 blocks to check it out.

Take it away Jimbo Murren, CEO and resident sleeping disorder cure for MGM Resorts International:

Beautiful public places are highlights of many of the world's finest cities, and Las Vegas shouldn't be the exception. The Park will be the first of its kind on the Las Vegas Strip and is an embodiment of MGM Resorts' commitment to engaging guests through arts and innovation. To create this picturesque outdoor destination, we are literally taking down the walls and opening the doors at our resorts to develop a unique dining and entertainment district that complements its lush new surroundings.

Forest for the trees, but isn't The Strip itself a beautiful public place AND the highlight of Las Vegas? I'll even venture a guess that The Strip (and Fremont Street) are probably the reason why folks come to Las Vegas? Maybe this implies that Jimbo et. al. think that The Strip - the unwashed, unvarnished mess of street people, junkies, hustlers, pornslappers and amateur Elmo's - is ugly? He might be onto something... but can you really put the genie back into the bottle and shit out a master planned rebuilt version of The Strip? Sounds like a discussion for the next Las Vegas Casino Owners HOA meeting... watch the Facebook group for details.

As the sun sets, illuminated elements of The Park's landscaping will create a dramatic setting. The shade structures, a work of art in and of themselves, will emit marvelous LED sequences from high above, captivating guests below. Sounds of live music, clinking glasses and laughter from bordering open-air venues will saturate The Park with energy, giving guests an entirely new way to experience Las Vegas beneath the stars.

Sounds like a stock photo.

Finalized F&B venues include Shake Shack (NYC burger stand), Bruzie (sandwiches wrapped in a waffle) Sake Rok (a take on the 1980's L.A. rock 'n' roll sushi joint), Beer Garden (craft beer drinking plus "sustainably raised farm-to-table meats") Robert Mondavi Wine Experience (stuff your snoot with Bobmon's best vino) Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row (country music + boilermakers + bar menu + food adjectives), Cuba Libre Restaurant & Bar (Cuban cuisine/booze from Beard winning chef Guillermo Pernot). I'm thoroughly amazed by The Park's innovative, astonishingly wide range of narrowcasted options.

What if you like whiskey but hate country music? What if you love sushi, but hate loud, purposely obnoxious chefs and servers? Why open a wine joint that only offers the most widely distributed wine in the world, available on every supermarket shelf in the known universe? What's next Beyonce's Artisan Diet Pepsi Boutique & Farmed Salmon Grillery?

Here's the press release, with video, photos and a coupla buckets worth of hype.

Kinda funny, but I was bullish on this project when it was announced.

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Comments & Discussion:

That's alot more...open... then I was expecting. The whole thing appears to be nothing more than a fabulous sidewalk to the new arena. I don't see people using this during the hot days and, aside from the arena events, I don't see a draw for people to go offstrip like the Linq. (And besides, most people going to the arena are going to be locals, right? So they're going to be parking at the stadium and not using the purty sidewalk at all)

(And those waterfall walkways will get sealed up faster than Sensei's walls at the Bellagio!)

Or am I just too jaded?

(Turn and face the stranger)

Say it with me, in the style of "Gorgeous Pool Table!": "Marvelous LED Sequences!"

I was disappointed: the animation did not include a single animated Elmo or Batman. While certainly not a "game-changer," it not horrible (I'm looking at you Grand Bazaar/Get Tow), either. I like the Shake Shack, so if for no other reason, I will be stopping by the Park once it opens.

Ugh, this reminds me so much of the Aria hyperbole, again how Jimbo is going to reinvent Las Vegas as a destination. I wonder if he actually believes what they write for him.

While I can appreciate the work that others have done in bringing high end experiences to the strip, I can't wrap my head around this MGM PR stance that somehow they are going to redefine Las Vegas into this urban playground, especially since we are only talking about 2 areas (Aria/Park) on the strip, which in itself is a small part of Las Vegas (maybe Jimbo doesn't know that the strip isn't all that Las Vegas is?)

I just don't get it. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by this hyperbole though, (but I do wonder if it harms the products of the company) when I first stayed at MGM, I was a bit intimidated, was it too young, hip, and fresh for me, would I feel comfortable. As I was staying at MGM the first time, I had an epihany looking at their "Do not Disturb" signs, which had something ridiculous like "Recharge" rather then the standard DND. I realized after spending the day at the property that the marketing was absurd for the place, while it was fun and engaging what they marketed it as was something completely different and at the end of the day it was still just a different strip property wrapped up in the essence of the LV strip.

I know that marketing's job is to promote and paint a picture, but like anything, there has to be some basis you start from and point you stretch to that makes sense.

@Jinx Vegas marketing has always been like that I remember back to my first trip in the late 80s, everything was the newest, best odds, loose slots, best buffet, biggest show...etc, etc, etc. I remember vividly riding the esclator down to the baggage claim at McCarren to the blasting sound of Phantom of the Opera and the overwhelming amount of ads there. This is nothing new, to me it's just Vegas and what they do, they overhype everything and try to cleverly change thing to suit their brand or peoperty.

I know Donny, perhaps it was just one of those times where I let the marketing get the best of me and that I believed the 'hype'. I guess I'm glad I still gave it a chance though, as I didn't want the hype kind of place, I liked it for what it actually was.

i will hit the place just for Shake Shack but i doubt I will feel a need to just hang out at the Park just to watch the moving displays.

Why do I need more non-gaming options in Las Vegas? I have enough non-gaming options where I LIVE. Just sayin'

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