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Mailbag: Some Golden Gate Tips

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 21st April 2014 12:29pm
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Every once in a while we dip into the ol' mailbag and pull out something interesting sent in from one of our lovely readers. Today's email comes from VT reader Michael, who has some thoughts/tips based on a recent stay at the Golden Gate... this is very timely as a sizeable throng of us will be staying there in a few weeks. Take it away Michael...

. . . . .

Not sure what happened, but this may help others.

I try not to visit often, Vegas is for errands of mercy or business. Regardless, after one disappointing week on The Strip, I found a small niche downtown. My girlfriend and I, both former students of Historic Preservation and History, fell in love with The Golden Gate; specifically, the old part. Room 407 - best kept secret downtown for a young, frugal couple - is long, making it larger with more windows, a bigger closet and huge bathroom compared to the rest of the hotel. It's also out of the hall in an unused stairwell. It is also near the corner of Main/Fremont so you can hear the party with the option of still being able to turn it out. Very hidden, very private. (Okay... tangent)

Anyway, on my latest trip having been unable to book online because they were sold out I decided to call their reservation line. I was able to get a reservation at their "Casino Rate" but was informed of the new resort fee (I first found them because they didn't have a fee). Confused,in the middle of Oklahoma during a cross country road trip I didn't have any ways to change plans or research other options (Did I mention I am frugal and still use the dumb flip phone) I settled for their rate.

During check in I was again informed in very legal ways of this "Resort Fee". However, being Southern, Country, and South Carolinian I was nice the whole time (That's what we do down South, kill with excessive... demeaning politeness). They were even accommodating in getting me a room out of the way in the old section since the trusty 407 wasn't open.

The stay itself was blah at best, but it was also spring break so the ship from the zoo sank and all the weird animals washed ashore. Wait... that's called people from California and Jersey (My bad).

Long story short! When I went to check out the Resort Fee was comped. Because I don't play enough for points I know that had nothing to do with it. So I figured it was for 1 of 4 reasons or a combination. 1) I called to make a reservation, so they waived it since they wouldn't have to split a fee with an online site. 2) Something happened during a previous stay or they gave me the benefit for something I don't know about. 3)They do it for all Player's Club members. 4) I was just too damn nice not to Comp it.

Thought you would like to know my story since the rationale for resort fee comps seems to be a closely held secret.

. . . . .

So, the Gate is in the habit or randomly comping resort fees based on smiles and niceness? How dare they!

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Comments & Discussion:

I can say that while I didn't have my resort fee waived, the first time I booked at the D off the website rates, they did discount me $5/night for booking directly with them and that was off the D's showing rate on their website.

The fourth floor has better rooms as those rooms were added in (IIRC) the 1940s. My last two stays there (June 2010 and March 2011) I stayed on the fourth floor (Had the same room both times, I think it was room 415.) and had a decent sized room as well as a much bigger bathroom (No prison shower in those rooms.) and the nice sized closet. My window overlooked the roof of the hotel facing South towards the Golden Nugget and Four Queens and the support structure for the Viva Vision canopy.

I've actually had my resort fee comped twice at, of all places, the Mirage. There is one desk clerk I always seem to get (usually since I have a habit of checking in late at night) and he had recognized me many times and knows me on a first name basis. Low and behold, the past two times I've had him check me in he waived the resort fee, the second time using the excuse "we don't charge it to friends".

Hopefully MGM doesn't read this comment and cracks down on employees giving out comped resort fees. My bad.

They are nice people at the D and GG. I stayed at the D the first weekend of March Madness (was supposed to be at GG, but they were sold out even though I had a reservation!!) But I didn't mind getting switched to the D. I was on a 3 night comp, so I didn't have to pay the resort fee anyways, but at checkout they comped my internet for me. Great customer service at the two properties!

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