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The Lamest Shoe Boutique In Las Vegas

By Misnomer on Friday, 18th April 2014 6:02pm
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Cosmopolitan CRSVR

I never buy anything in Vegas. Well, booze of course. And chili dogs. Antacids, maybe. But I had never once availed myself of the myriad of shopping opportunities in the tourist corridor. So when my wife suggested I go buy myself something at The Cosmopolitan's sneaker boutique during a recent trip, I was surprised by my reaction - Yeah, why the heck not? I had just hit quad Aces at Book & Stage, and my pockets were flush with cash. Why not actually buy something tangible to take home for once, rather than just recycling the loot in the casino?

In recent times, I've kind of gotten into the retro Air Jordans that Nike has been reissuing. I wouldn't call myself a sneakerhead, but I keep up with the current releases, and I know the vernacular. So I headed up to Cosmo's second floor to check out CRSVR. That should've been my first warning. CRSVR is pronounced "crossover". They've just taken out the vowels, you see. That's a bad sign. Hipsters hate vowels. And sure enough, there were two hipster dudes standing behind the counter, talking to one another. Neither bothered to address me when I entered. The place was otherwise empty. Their inventory was pretty sparse. They had 3 different pairs of Jordans on display, but only one that I was kind of interested in. "Excuse me," I said, breaking up their conversation about fixed wheel bicycles (I'm guessing), "Do you have the Laney Ones in a 13?"

Pretty straight forward question, particularly when asked of an employee of a sneaker boutique. I wanted to know if they had the Air Jordan Retro 1s in the Laney colorway in a size 13. These blue and yellow shoes are an homage to Michael Jordan's High School basketball team, the Laney High Buccaneers. "Ladies?" exclaimed Hipster One, obviously clueless.

The second Son of a Mumford chuckled. "Ladies? You want ladies shoes?" They were staring at me, smirking, all beards and incredulity. Exasperated, I turned and left without saying another word. Whether or not I collect ladies shoes, the smellier the better, is no one's business but my own. But when your business is selling "limited edition sneakers" - as Cosmo's website espouses CRSVR does - shouldn't you have the first flipping clue what it is you're selling? Lame.

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You forgot the first rule: Never buy anything at a casino boutique.

I have gone shoe shopping on the Strip, though only through the Foot Locker at Planet Hollywood at the Adidas at Showcase Mall. On the case of the latter, if you want Adidas around these parts you'll get much better service at the outlet store downtown.

I meant to write an "AND" there and not another successive, confusing "at." :(

I'm sure your post will generate a lot of discussion at Cosmopolitan. It should. Lame is an understatement.

do you get this mad about all shitty stores? employees were probably just useless kids, like the majority of retail. just cause it's in the cosmo doesn't mean it's been vetted or anything or should be held to some higher standard. it is there to separate people from their money like any other thing there.

you seem much more knowledgeable than the employees, you totally should have just clarified. they may have even had what you wanted. you could have had a cool souvenir instead of these feels. or at least cursed at them or something instead of holding onto it and making a passive-aggressive post.

Homage sneakers? C'mon, misnomer. You could tell me you collect plus-sized women's lingerie and I wouldn't think any less of you, even if it involved backyard clothesline raids in your speedos, but collecting homage sneakers?

I'm just shakin' my head here...

I'm kinda turned on by grannie panties on my wife (even though she doesn't wear panties), maybe Cosmo could turn this into a trend? I'd be there! I'm all about collector GP's!

Even if the employees weren't educated on their product to the point he was, ignorance is no excuse for anyone, ever, chuckle or act like a customer is an idiot or odd, Akala. I know that response in my workplace would call for at the least a reprimand and training and at worse termination.

There's never an excuse for anyone in sales to not be up on their product, or if they're confused at the very least capable of asking for clarification without being a snarky asshole and making a joke at someone else's expense. Tell me that you would not walk out of a store if you were disrespected by an employee there and I'll tell you you're full of the same shit they're shoveling.

Agree with the blackjacker dude..
Fucker makes a joke that borders on personal? And the butt of the joke is a stranger? That boy would be walking around without his left nutt where I come from..yeah, I work in court..

We're the opposite. We always spend money on clothes and whatnot in Vegas because there are stores there that sell a lot of stuff that we can't get here at home, yes some of it is overpriced, but for the most part it's not crazy insane. I agree with Misnoper and Blackjacker though, you should know SOMETHING about your product if you're working in a store. I worked at a shoe store in high school for the longest time and we sold "urban" shoes and skate shoes. I knew the in's and outs of the skate shoes and had no interest whatsoever in Lugz or Timberlands, but since I worked in the shoe business at the time, I made it a point to learn SOMETHING about them, since it was the product.

But Misnoper is nicer than I would've been. I would've said something along the lines of "Yes, these MENS shoes that I just pulled from the MENS side I want in a LADIES 13. That's exactly what I want. Knowing that the most common large size for women sold in stores is an 11, I want these in a 13."

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