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Cromwell: Peep The Drai's Party Pool

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 17th April 2014 2:58pm
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The Cromwell is racing towards opening, to the point of boasting "the only rooftop pool deck on the Strip" in a recent email blast. You can just ignore all those other rooftop pool decks... yknow Planet Hollywood, Paris' petri dish, all three of Cosmo's pool areas, the Venetian/Palazzo's podium top pool areas, the abandoned one at Riviera or the one on the top of the north hotel tower at Stratosphere. Does the one coming to SLS this year count too? Hell, what is a little lying hyperbole between friends.

Anyways... VT tipster sent us a slew of recent photos of the Drai's pool deck as construction workers are racing towards completion. Very cool.

Framing... to the left is the indoor portion of the club, DJ podium, tables, dance floor.


The pool party pit.


Is that thing on the left a swing?


Bellagio is the center of the universe.


Note cabanas on top left.


South facing cabana interior view.


I wonder if they've given any thought to how the noise level of the club is going to affect the surrounding rooms at Flamingo... and Cosmopolitan. OOONTZ!

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Comments & Discussion:

The rooms at Flamingo MOST effected will be their absolute BEST rooms.

The OONTZ will certainly drown out the charming sound of Bellagio's fountains.

I'm guessing the late-April soft opening is history. Will they have this place done by Memorial Day? Looks like they will be cutting it close if that is the goal...

if they are storing steel and other construction pieces out front, maybe they technically can say that they have the only rooftop deck ON the strip? (just disassembled!)

It's the only top-of-the-hotel rooftop pool, but so what. It's only six stories high (or whatever).

Anyone staying at Bally's better bring the ear plugs too. Hell, anywhere midstrip these days is OONTZ-city.

Bally's will have to give out complimentary ear plugs to each guest and Bellagio will have to upgrade their sound system to dorwn out the club noise.

I know that other places have had issues with their pools and leaks - so it'll be interesting to see if they actually open it in May or June or uncover issues that force them to open it later. Also be interesting to see if the speed at which they are transforming it causes any issues.

@ Jake, The Riviera being one of them. Would be kind of funny if the 5 Bay Suite had an unintentional indoor waterfall. Oh just think of these noise in that high roller suite. Hope they put in double pained glass. Yikes.

Perhaps this will be to the Flamingo's benefit, especially if cockroaches detest the constant Ooontz, Oontz, Ooontz

Having stayed in the Bellagio lakeview rooms, the oontz oontz oontz from Paris is bad enough as it reflects off the windows. I shudder to think how bad it will be once this pool get hopping. Although winter months might be better... Unless they out up an ice rink too...

So those "wall" view rooms at Cromwell will actually be views of the "rain" leaking from the pool? Fantastic.
Oh and that thing on the left would be awesome if it was a swing. Instead of a slide, just have the swing, swing and jump off into the pool (I can see the general liability claims now....)

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