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Downtown Grand Sued For Letting Drunk Guy Gamble

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 5th March 2014 8:58pm
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Mark Johnson claims he lost a ton of money gambling at Downtown Grand over Super Bowl weekend. He also claims he was drunk... and doesn't remember any of it other than hitting the bar the moment he landed at McCarran and eating in one of DTG's restaurants. Sounds like a typical Vegas trip to me, and I'll bet most of you.

The plot thickens. Shortly after arriving at the Downtown Grand, Mr. Johnson took out a $500,000 marker from the hotel and lost it all at the tables. Mr. Johnson claims the hotel took advantage of a highly intoxicated man when allowing him to take out the marker, continuing to serve an intoxicated patron and allowing an intoxicated patron to gamble, all of which are against gaming regulations.

It takes two to tango... drunk guy has a bender and blows way too much money at the casino, we've all been this schmuck at least once. I know I have. Downtown Grand has a relatively inexperienced staff led by a first time casino boss who is surrounded by mostly younger, bright yet less experienced employees.

If Mr. Johnson was as drunk as he claims to be, then why didn't least one of the many employees who served him - pit bosses, dealers, floor supervisors, servers, VIP services, cage employees or the eyes in the sky - put his party on ice?

What about Mr. Johnson's "friends" - did they not have the sense to pull him out of the casino for a spell to fill his drunken body with some time and water?

And now the most important question... what kind of idiot gambles away a half a mil at the Downtown Grand? Honestly bro.

Big thanks to VT reader DaveK for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

In order to get the marker wouldn't he have to be sober? Sober enough to sign his name and make it to the tables without passing out? His story sounds like bs he cam up with after losing his money.

I guess that's one response to the "What are you Drinking-downtown" thread.

They don't just give out $500K markers to noobs. You need a track record as a hi-roller and to set up the credit line in advance of your visit. They also don't usually give you the entire amount in a single marker, unless your credit line is much higher. Each marker requires a separate signature. I would guess they have a stack of markers signed over an extended period of time. The Downtown Grand would probably have been willing to settle for half if he didn't have the money. This implies he is being forced into this suit, which is almost certain to fail.

There is something very out of sorts with this story. $500K at several places on the strip maybe. But, like has been mentioned, to the DTG that is significant action.
I would love to know how he got his marker, previous play history and where, how many markers he took out that night and what games did he play at what bet levels.
His every bet would have been closely noticed.
More to this I'm sure.

If he was able to sign markers for half a mil, my guess is that there is a ton of history on this guy, either at DTG or other casinos in town, all of which will come out in any investigation or trial. I agree, this sounds like a lame attempt to welch out on his debts, but if he pushes it, he better be ready to face the kind of shit storm that only a casino, it lawyers and their investigators can unleash.

Sounds like the guy figured win big and walk away happy or lose big and sue right from the get go. If the guy was so inebriated he should not have been able to go from dinner/drinks to the Downtown Grand, spend the time and have to answer detailed questions to get said marker, and not fall on his face ala George Lopez. Fair thing to do would be one of 2 options. Option 1.) He drops the suit and walks away. No one admits any wrong doing. Option 2.) Settle out of court for half with the understanding that he will be put in the blackbook along with other high profile cheats and will not be allowed to gamble in Vegas ever again.

Wonder how much time it took to gamble $500,000. He might have been sober(ish) when signing for the marker, but not at the end of his play.

I think the money would go pretty quickly at a roulette or craps table if he was making exotic bets. But 500 hands of $1000 blackjack would take a few hours to play, and that's assuming a loss on EVERY hand.


"I am not a sore loser. I've lost half a million. I've lost 800,000. I've lost a lot of money. This has nothing to do with that," the veteran gambler said. "Obviously I can afford what I lost."

Then why are you suing, you jackass?

"Johnston, 52, a former owner of a Los Angeles car dealership, was standing beside his $250,000 Mercedes-Benz as he insisted his lawsuit was about a bigger issue."

If we're supposed to feel bad for this guy, that is unlikely to help.

"Johnston acknowledged some responsibility for his drinking -- as many as 20 drinks while gambling over 17 hours on top of about 10 drinks before even stepping into the casino."

Maybe it was the lack of sleep and not the alcohol that's to blame.

This guy would be better off spending some money on rehab or saving some for the new liver he's gonna need. My liver's having sympathy aches just reading this.

20 drinks over 17 hours really isn't that much, huh?
"Veteran gambler" should have known better. It's not like he's a 21-year-old DB on his first Vegas trip.

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