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Seven Saddest Pools In Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 5th March 2014 11:58am
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When the calendar turns to March, two things begin happening... college hoops fans begin frothing at the mouth and large trucks filled with chlorine start making their way towards Las Vegas's luxurious resort pools.

Just like your March Madness brackets, not every Vegas pool can make it from league play into the tournament... I'm looking at you Skokie-Urbana State Thunderboars, Victorville University Beefhearts or the Interior Design Institute's Flaming Tassels. There are no winners without losers. You can't have the "thrill of victory" without "the agony of defeat." We're here today to peek in on the seven saddest pools in Las Vegas.

Saddest Pools In Vegas

7. The Plaza

Surrounded by sections of astroturf and a half dozen beach chairs, The Plaza's rectangular pool gets points for having water in it and for having three abandoned tennis courts and a basketball court nearby.

Saddest Pools in Vegas

6. Binions

Binion's rooftop pool boasts amazing views and gains extra points for hosting occasional concerts... alas it drops to number six by having no water. Sad.

Saddest Pools in Vegas

5. The California

The California's podium-top pool boasts concrete, some chairs and glistening water. For a hotel that caters to primarily Hawaiian islanders you'd think that the spirit of aloha might make its way up to the pool deck. No aloha for you.

Saddest Pools in Vegas

4. Circus Circus

One eyed clown pool is sad. See also the postage stamp watering hole by the Manor rooms.

Saddest Pools in Vegas

3. The Bungee Pool Circus Circus

Not technically a pool, but sad nonetheless. This pool was designed to keep bungee jumpers from going spat on the pavement should the cord snap. Fifteen years ago, there was a line down the street to get on this thing. Now, it is sad.

Saddest Pools in Vegas Saddest Pools in Vegas

2. The Riviera

Riviera had the foresight in the 1970's to put a pool on the roof over the casino expansion. Like the Palazzo's, it leaked. So much for rooftop party pools. Sad.

Saddest Pools in Vegas

1. Fontainebleau

The saddest pool in Las Vegas is also one of the newest and most luxurious... The Cloud 9 pool deck at Fontainebleau. Festooned with cabanas, cabeds, dayclubs, vip areas, european pools, VIP pools, dining and dancing, the Fontainebleau's pool deck was designed to one up the iconic pool at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Mega ultra sad.

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Comments & Discussion:

Man, that California pool is really, really sad...give someone a thousand bucks and send them to Home Depot for some potted palms or something!
I've always loved that abandoned roof-top pool at The Riv. With the new financial dynamics of the casino business, once that chunk of The Strip comes back to life, I bet you could make the numbers work to abandon whatever casino square footage gets leaked on in order to create a day-club/night-club concept up there.

Circus Circus used to have a pool that was a bit creepy looking:


Lets not give the D's pool a pass here. It's gotta be #8.

Oh and vespajet, that clown pool is awesome, not at all creepy. They need to bring it back.

I feel like picking on downtown is kind of pointless, since nobody goes there for the pools. The REAL sad pools are ones like TI's rinky dink pool, and Monte Carlo's reduced beach area where people lounge about just one concrete barrier away from a CityCenter service road.

One of the most beautiful strangers I have ever seen was running nearly naked through Circus Circus halls toward the pool, so I kind of give it a personal exemption. I'd rather see hotties in a sad pool than Larry King at The Mirage.

The pool at Harrahs should not be left off this list.

@chrisrobbins1980 I see that pool and think "Can't sleep, clown will eat me....." ;)

One thing to remember is that these pools were built during an era in which the pool was a bit of an afterthought and was usually no different than the pool you'd find at a Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan circa 1967..... You were lucky if the pool still had a diving board.

Also the Quadperial Palace pool should be on the list.

I would have thought the pool at D Las Vegas would be on the list.
After seeing the list, I will not say another bad thing about it.

@Donny: The Quad pool is one of the few in town that is deeper than four feet, so it gets a pass. The same is also true of Bally's and the non-rooftop Riv pool.

Vespajet's pic of the CC pool is so creepy. It looks like something John Wayne Gacy would like.

I heard this very article discussed on 99.7 morning show on the way to work today while flipping through the stations. They were already on number 6 when I got to it so i'm not sure if they gave you as the source or not.

I need to do a second edition of GRANDISSIMO with that clown pool. Epic, and straight out of the mind of Jay Sarno.

Did the Google Map for the Binions pool catch fire? Like on both sides of the image?

I assume you stuck with the major casino hotels, but lots of small properties have REALLY small and miserable pools. (I'm looking at you Travelodge Ambassador Strip, with your parking-lot views and near-airport ambiance.) http://www.travelodge.com/common/images/branded/TL/images/13700_g2.jpg

Anyway, the current Circus Circus pool is at least big and has live plants. It doesn't belong on this list. And that Riviera tile job is actually beautiful.

Speaking of the Riv, why not reopen the rooftop pool and put a Tropical Rainforest Cafe below it? Problem solved :)

I would include NYNY pool in this list. Nothing better than looking at a parking garage.

Harrah's pool is not that great either.

The pool at the D needs to be on this list. For sure. Downtown is fair game....I mean, the pool at Golden Nugget gets pretty good reviews (haven't been there yet) and I'm pretty excited about Picnic opening at DTG. I was hoping it'd be open when I stayed there last week, but should be soon. I don't stay downtown very often, but the DTG pool (alone) will get me back there this season.

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