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Peep The Cromwell Rooms and Suites

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 20th February 2014 3:45pm
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We're only day(s) away from the official opening of reservations for The Cromwell (previously known as Gansevoort, Bill's Gamblin Hall & Saloon and Barbary Coast). We've ferreted out some the details about The Cromwell hotel rooms just in time for Total Rewards members to book their stay. Let's take a look!

Rooms and suites at The Cromwell are all described as being "Parisian style apartments" and feature hardwood flooring, plush sofas and seating, 55 inch flat screen tvs, trunk-style furnishings, Simmons Pillow Top bedding, Turkish linens by Filadora and Muk bath products.

The Cromwell will open with 188 rooms and suites (ten less that Barbary Coast/Bill's) all of which will be NON-SMOKING.


The Cromwell Las Vegas Luxury King

The Cromwell Las Vegas Luxury Queen

Rooms, as expected, are small (360 sq ft) and come in two configurations - Luxury King and Luxury 2 Queen. Rooms feature a vanity, w/c and combo steam and rain shower with one-way peekaboo window/mirror. There are no tubs. Nor is there a mini-bar, however "hallway coffee service" will be provided on each floor - a community coffee urn.

The Cromwell - Hallway Coffee Service

Somewhere down this hallway, in a flickering florescent room filled with the sound of a hard churning ice machine lies your grande 4 shot, 3 caffed, 1 decaf 180 degrees half-soy half-breve mocha with 1.5 shots of vanilla and .5 shot of caramel extra dry in a venti cup with a schfritz of whip in the mouth. Y'know... just like Giada.


The suites at The Cromwell come in four configurations 2 Bay Suite, 3 Bay Suite, 4 Bay Suite and Presidential 5 Bay Suite. There is a pretty good chance that these names are placeholders until the figure out something more enticing. The suite levels offer "hallway coffee service" plus tea and "fruit infused water" in the elevator lobby. Decor for all suites is described as "Parisian style" with modern and retro decor. They also feature Filadora linens, Muk amenities, Simmons Pillow Top King beds, 55 inch flat screen televisions and bathrobes.

2 Bay Suite clocks in at 723 square feet, roughly 2x the standard room (hence the name '2 Bay'). The bathrooms here are slightly expanded and feature a tub in addition to the steam + rain shower stall. The 2 Bay Suite also features a minibar selection with fridge.

3 Bay Suite weighs in at 1061 square feet, roughly 3x the standard room (hence the name '3 Bay'). The 3 Bay Suite features a larger living room with a seating area, dining area, wet bar, flat screen television and a pinball machine!. The bathrooms are expanded slightly with a tub added to the steam + rain shower room. Some 3 Bay Suites offer views of Bellagio's fountains.

Cromwell 4 Bay Suite

4 Bay Suite tips the scale at 1,411 square feet (4x the standard rooms) of "salmon and metallic" hued, poshly designed space featuring luxurious living room, dining area, wet bar, minibar and a half-bath. The master bedroom has a separate tub and steam shower. Views are obstructed.

Cromwell 4 Bay Suite

Presidential 5 Bay Suite wields a hefty 1,730 square feet (5x the standard rooms) that can be expanded to 2,550 sq ft of space when booked with connecting rooms and suites. The room features a luxurious living room with sectional seating, flat screen televisions, pool table, eight top dining table, wet bar, minibar and a half bath. The master suite features a separate tub, shower, rain shower and steam shower. Views are obstructed.

Caesars Entertainment really took their time figuring out what they wanted to do with The Cromwell, and the care they put into it really shows. Turd polishing at its finest - viva Bill's doody!

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Comments & Discussion:

I like it! The decor definitely reminds me of the Cosmopolitan with the deep purple and bold wallpaper. I'm hoping the pricing will remain on the lower scale with the small rooms and obstructed views. If that's the case I will definitely be booking for 2015. Nothing beats that location.

Reservations open in 4 days and I'm eager to check out their pricing. We've got until May to decide where we're going to stay. Right now it's at the Hard Rock, but I'm thinking that we'll split off 2 nights and stay here if the price isn't ungodly. I LOVE the styles of the rooms, the colors, the furnishings, etc and like that the bathroom is open with the peekaboo window. Reminds me a lot of Europe (which..isn't that what they're going for here?)

As much as I want to stay at the Cromwell, and I really do, I'm not doing it till I read the reviews on VT where people say that the nightclub on the roof isn't keeping them awake. Cause I can tell you that XS kept me awake at Wynn, and that was like 60 stories away and not above me!

The rooms look lovely but I want to see the room rates first.

Weird that the "Bay 3" is the only room type that would allow for views of the Bellagio, and not the "Bay 4" or "Bay 5."

I'm a little surprised that CET didn't expand the room sizes by making everything at least a "Bay 2" or bigger ... and then charging three times the price of a standard Bill's room. They'd still have about 90 rooms, which would be plenty for a boutique.

Finally, the communal coffee is a weird idea. Is it a cost-saving method, a way to force people to socialize, or done to prevent in-room oatmeal (or meth) cooking?

Agree with HedgedBettor. You've got a nightclub above you, the casino below, and the busiest intersection in the city right outside your window. It's going to be noisy. Not even Giada's soft opening could make up for a bad night's sleep.

Definitely agree with both of these guys. The Cromwell is going to vibrate.

Gag... and it's gonna rebound off the Bellagio... You get a lake view and you can already get the oontz, oontz, oontz off of the Paris nightclub late into the night.

Its such a pity cause I'd stay in a 3 Bay with a Bellagio Fountain view in a heartbeat, sounds like one of the coolest rooms out there.

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