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For Sale: Mirage Villas

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 19th February 2014 1:28pm
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Here's something interesting, VT staffer Blackjacker1979 called our attention to an email blast he received straight from Mirage wherein they are directly marketing the Mirage Villas as a "book now" item.

Granted Blackjacker1979 throws a lot of loot around during his bi-monthly seven week long Vegas vacations (not joking) but even he was surprised by this. Lanai offers, yes.... Villa, never.

Is it possible that Mirage sinking down the pecking order faster than we think, opening up what was once the most desirable accommodation in all of Las Vegas to the regular schmo? If so, where are the Villa people now? The Y.M.C.A.?

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Between this and CET opening up their VIP suites and villas to the public, I wonder if there is a lack of big spenders hitting places like Mirage and PH?

I have always enjoyed visiting Mirage, but prefer to stay at places like Aria for the more modern rooms. Maybe some of the big spenders are making the same choices?

My last trip, I was told that the villas didn't have *a single* occupant over New Year's Eve.

These accommodations are in limbo. I don't think the prices can drop much further without a serious detriment to cleanliness and service standards and yet, their still isn't much of a demand for expansion to have to tear them down (and what a shame that would be).

No wonder the delay in getting them refreshed.

I would love to stay in a lanai or especially one of the Roger Thomas original villas.
Problem for the Mirage is that most people, that are not Vegas junkies, do not know these exist and even if they did still could not afford them. For the remaining people that can plunk down $1,000 for the smallest Lanai, they would rather be in a known "baller" room, a see and be seen spot like the Skylofts, the high end Cosmo rooms, or the Wynn/Encore Tower Suites.

Mirage wants to move itself a little further upmarket, they might want to get rid of the Khardasian Krap out by the pool, just sayin...

I no longer see the Mirage as a high roller type of place. Too many other stronger options. I can see why the villas are going empty.

My guess is that these have been fairly low occupancy for a while now, and this is just MGM's corporate machine catching up on what to do with them in the short term. After all, it's been no secret that MGM has made a concentrated effort to get Aria to profitability by driving their higher end clientele there from Bellagio and MGM Grand, which likely means that trickle down effect has been happening for some time. In the days I used to have friends playing in Mirage HL room, there seemed to be some action, in visits in the last 3-4 years, it's looked dead.

My guess is with corporate bureacracy it just took this long for someone to convince someone higher up that this was something they needed to do in the short term, rather then let them sit empty.

I could see some corporate MGM policy being every room above x level is not available for players below this tier, and that type of corporate wide policy is going to hit a place like Mirage harder as the variables are different.

A search for July 13th to 15th shows rates of $2299 for the 2 bed villa and only $2549 for the three bedroom. Not sure how strict they are on the clientele, but the three bedroom for an eight to ten person bachelor party would look pretty attractive. And only a $300 premium over the two bedroom. Skyloft pricing rockets for the three bedroom. Own pool, club access. Stripper pole from butler services?

It is my understanding that some of the larger villas have been refurbished.
Regardless, with the now pathetic pervasive domination of 6/5 blackjack in the once great casino for bj, and the loss of the poker action to Aria along with virtually all the high limit players going elsewhere, this may be too little too late.

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