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Last Call: THEhotel HE Penthouse

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 5th February 2014 8:07pm
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Question: How do you know your hotel needs a design refresh? Answer: When your top of the line Penthouse Suites still have a VCR. Did you know that video technology before VHS was the film projector? A Laser Disc player would be more modern.

With the transformation of THEhotel into Delano in full swing, THEhotel's three Penthouse Suites - named the HE, HP and HL - are headed for the scrap heap of history. Fortunately for us, VT reader pkluvsvegas brought back a batch of photos from a recent stay in one of the HE suites, preserving forevermore THEhotel's grand opening vision of luxury.

The HE suite is a large one - clocking in at 2,060 square feet - and is usually reserved for Noir card holders and celebrities staying in house. Rack rate for the HE suite starts at $1000+/nt and top out at roughly $2.5k.

The layout features a wet bar, gigantic living room, small water closet, spacious bedroom hogged by a TV pedestal/entertainment center in the middle and a master bathroom. All are wrapped in Mandalay Bay's golden hued glass curtain wall, which turns everything inside green during the day.

Thehotel He Livingroom

The living room... looking towards the bedroom. Ah yes. I've partied in this room, FiveHundy booked it for a post-VPP (the precursor to VIMFP) shindiggle.

Thehotel He Livingroom Alt

The living room... looking the opposite way. By the far wall is a dining room table and near that is a bar. I swear that can still hear @dslifton singing Squeeze songs like it was yesterday. I won't mention what Dramman did, mostly because I don't remember exactly what it was other than that it happened.

Thehotel He Bar

The bar.

Thehotel He Bedroom Sofa

The bedroom. To the immediated left, a couch; the far wall, the bed; between, the TV tower.

Thehotel He Bedroom Vhs

Alas... the VHS. BYO.

Thehotel He Masterbath

The master bathroom. The door at the far end leads to the throne room.

Thehotel He Masterbath Sink

Sinks, towels and stuff.

Thehotel He Masterbath Alt

Alternate view of bathroom from throne room door.

Thehotel He Roomservice

Room service!

Finally a groovy and very thorough video walkthrough. Very awesome!

Big huge thanks to pkluvsvegas for sharing this!

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Comments & Discussion:

"usually reserved for Noir card holders and celebrities staying in house"

"FiveHundy booked it"

High celebrity, indeed.

The standard THEhotel suite is called THEsuite, but they also have a V suite (which is in the building corners) and an H suite. I remember reading that the remaining suites were O, T, E, and L, and went looking for info on them. I asked my host if I could stay in one, but he laughed. Until he realized I was serious, at which point he cleared his throat and told me about the wonderful buffet.

Here's what I found back in 2009:

Evidently they also have M and P suites. The rates ($829-1329) are for midweek.

I shan't be staying in any of the above any time soon, so I'm looking forward to photos from the first tripper to stay in a high-end Delano suite.

While not "up-to-the-minute" the design is not all that out of date. If that furniture was going to be sold off in a yard sale, there are pieces I'd consider bringing into my home.
Speaking of VCRs...I got a fantastic spam email yesterday from a Russian guy who was hired to assassinate me, but instead he investigated me and determined I was a good guy and he'd rather turn on the guy who hired him. He offered to sell me a tape I could use to bust the guy who hired him. And I thought for a minute...if my life depended on it, how would I play a tape (video or audio)...I haven't owned a device to play tapes in 10 years! Now I know...I must check-in to a suite at THEhotel!

Be advised those Russian tapes self destruct Mission Impossible style....^

When my girlfriend saw the VCR she said she wished she brought her old "Dancing With Barbie" tape from when she was a kid.

Waaaay back when this thing opened Mandalay was comping the hell out of this thing or at worst you could stay there for really cheap prices. Ten years ago I thought this was a hidden gem of a place in terms of value.

Staying there was always odd from the perspective it was all Black and White. The whole thing was devoid of color. I am glad to see there fixing that. Another odd thing was how quite the lobby area and such were. It almost felt like I was in a Audio Dead Room. The last thing I found very odd was the rush of air that goes down that entire hallway. Was years ago but I think it was from some pressure difference between the two properties.

Overall though I have great memories of the place. I was in the Marines at the time and a bunch of my buddies went. I got thrown out of the Lion King show then we proceeded to lose our butts in the Casino. On the way home we found 6 bucks in quarters in my car and were so happy since we were able to hit up the 99 cent menu at a fast food joint.

Good time indeed!

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