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Mirage Goes 6:5

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 3rd February 2014 1:57pm
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Last week, we told you the good news... Mirage's casino redesign is strikingly gorgeous. And now, the bad news... they've decimated blackjack odds.

At the Mirage, all casino blackjack tables now pay 6 to 5 for a natural except for a single solitary $15 minimum, 8 deck shoe game.

The high limit room still offers standard odds but at $50 and up minimums.

Update: See blackjacker1979's comment below.

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Comments & Discussion:

Actually to clarify there are still occasionally 3:2 games in the rear pit along the side of the Baccarat/HL rooms on the main floor. I think a total of two shoe games and two double deck games. But they are always $25 and up. Less than $25 and you might as well walk next door and find the $10 DD 3:2 games at TI.

All the properties will go to this as long as people play, if people stop playing at these tables and only play at 3:2 tables it will continue to spread.

Sorry to see this change, though on recent visits anectodally I would say over half the tables were already 6:5, especially at lower limits $10 etc. That 3:2 row mentioned (across from HL // Revolution lounge) has been one of the last bastions of the elusive 'Stand on Soft 17' rule favoring players; wonder if those rules still exist. I have to think that they will keep at least one table like that, every time I've been there have been some serious bettors at those tables that are there specifically for that rule. definitely no less than $25 min and even that is mainly non-peak hours, at peak times those tables are easily $100-200min. Sorry to say that while I've had one decent win there, it was all erased and then some on every other visit. I finally have acknowledged I have bad juju on those tables, but I did my part to help pay for the new table felts I suppose!

I have to add that for all the crap people give CES, their casinos even at the low end seem to still offer decent rules (I have never had trouble finding 3:2 at Paris, PH, Flamingo, etc, at low minimums $10-15). It is MGM properties that always seem to be tightening like this, though certainly the management locally has something to do with it and I think we read here a while back that the Mirage and Bellagio table games directors had swapped so maybe this is one of the results? Too bad they won't have 20% of their yearly bonus held back for the house...that would make the message sink in on the 6:5 vs 3:2 disadvantage.

PS: Here's hoping Cosmopolitan changes out whoever it was that decided 6:5 on all $25min double deck was a good idea...haven't played it there since and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Two times over two years my trip included grabbing a BLT burger and then seeing Beatles LOVE. As I exited the showroom both times, I checked out the Mirage's blackjack pits hoping for a place to sit and play for a couples hours ... and I kept on walking right out the door. All I found was 6:5. I'm sure I'm not alone.

I find bad gaming conditions infuriating, and I find this news both depressing and terrifying. MGM was the last of the major Strip landowners who seemed committed to providing a quality game of blackjack to players. Caesars properties are abysmal and Wynn had a grand total of 1 $100 minimum, shoe dealt, quality strip rules blackjack table open when I stayed there. And of course Venetian comps everybody like crap. If MGM is experimenting with more 6:5 at the Mirage and finds that people accept it, you'd better believe that Bellagio and Aria and the rest will be next.

Just like shaving the VP tables, the odds are diminished again. And again, we are pushed more and more off the Strip for a good gambling value. A very distressing development.

The solution is simply not to play at any 6:5 gaming table.

I think that in general, higher-bet blackjack players know what a ripoff 6:5 is and as such Mirage, if they wish to retain higher bettors, will have to retain at least some 3:2 S17 tables.

I don't see them destroying the just-outside-the-high-limit-room pit (where Mirage's three non-HL S17 tables are situation). If they destroy that pit then you can guarantee all of Mirage's mid-market play and some of their larger market play will defect to Aria or Bellagio or the MGM Grand (probably Bellagio).

Not only that, but the fact is that at present the Mirage is... well... a little long-in-the-tooth and short on spectacle relative to the other properties. Value is really their best weapon, particularly on that area of the strip. Before 6:5, they had the best BJ for that area (Wynncore wanted $100+ for S17 and their DD was always H17 and $100+, we all know about Venelazzo and TI only had S17 in HL).

So, refuse to play at 6:5, and make sure to voice disappointment at the change. Mirage's mid-market status means that a few annoyed chunky-green and black-chip players can still have quite an influence. Sure, a 6:5 pit for the ploppies is pretty much an inevitability for business reasons, but if dedicated players stick to good tables the casino will realize they can't get away with much worse.

Craps is my game of choice, but I do enjoy the occasional game of BJ. Sadly, there are now so few decent BJ tables at reasonable minimums that it has been close to two years since I've actually sat down at a Vegas blackjack table. When I see people lining up to pay $15 or even $25 a hand for a 6:5 game, I just shake my head in disbelief.

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