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By Chuckmonster on Friday, 31st January 2014 12:24pm
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After a month of rumors and speculation, Caesars Entertainment officially announced The Cromwell as replacement name for short-lived Gansevoort, which replaced Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon which replaced Barbary Coast. They've set up a new website, @cromwellvegas on Twitter and Facebook.... you'll have to find your own Cromwell Pinterest pinboard.


The new renderings show greater detail about the exterior of the building - putty beige with white, gray and violet accents - and show the placement and signage of the forthcoming Drai's rooftop night/day club and Giada's restaurant. Slightly Cosmopolitanish.

Additionally, they've unveiled The Cromwell logo.

Looks like a wide spaced, stretched, toed san serif... possibly from the Futura or Penumbra family, but with the "W" and "M" replaced by two V's, rotated as required. Slightly Cosmopolitanish.

The C wraps modified versions of the "M" and "W" that look like a squashed bug. Stuffing letters inside a C... very c-lightly Cosmopolitanish. Not good.

Additionally, The Cromwell has released some bathroom renderings.

A peekaboo shower wrapped in tile mosaics, no doors to the toilet. Slightly Cosmopolitanish.

Well, it is obvious that The Cromwell is trying to appeal to the curious class. Let them eat cake.

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Comments & Discussion:

I am still not a fan of the name but this does have a good look about it.

There's gotta be a door on the W/C. Unless they're targeting the coprophiliac market. Then it makes sense.

Soon to be Prince Williams Palace

I love how they call Giada "award winning". I didn't know that Emmy Awards were the equivalent of Michelin Stars, Forbes Travel Guide Stars, or AAA diamonds. Is there going to be a door on that shower? If not their floors are going to be warped within a few months.

"The Cromwell" sounds like a name fashioned by the minds of the famous Kramerica enterprise.

I'd guess the ledge under the one-way mirrors / windows wraps around to the front of the shower stall to prevent water leakage.

I like the rooms, assuming there's a pocket door or a real door is hinged on the section of door frame we can't see.

I hate the name, but I guess it beats "Loveman's" or something else equally horrible.

@anawas, I saw the ledge, however if you notice there is a rain showerhead directly on top of the passage between the sink/turlet room and the bedroom. There is bound to be significant splashing if you are standing under it and there is no door or curtain.

The bathroom set up looks like the rooms we've had in Germany. The sink and shower are IN the room and the only thing separate is the toilet. It doesn't bother me personally, but I can see where people don't like it.

Way to go, Harrah's! Nothing says "let's party", like naming a hotel after Oliver Cromwell.

The small balconies outside rooms will likely be a place where some drunk clod tosses stuff ove rto hit pedestrians walking by or on the escalators. Also just because I am sharing a room with someone doesn't mean I wsnt them seeing me by accident on the throne.

Perhaps there's some subliminal messaging going on in the logo? Look at it long enough and you notice two things. First is a double X "XX" and one will also see check mark on the right side where where the W swoops out of the a C. Coinkidink?

Darn... I was kinda hoping they'd have put a connector on the 2nd floor through the building to connect the Bally's/Caesers bridges. (Though that was probably A> structurally impossible and B> would've been a nightmare with the panhandlers.)

I like the name better than GanesVoort..Ganjavoot? GonnaVhurl? Whatever... but not by much...

Mostly I'm gonna miss the old style vegas lighting...

I hate the name but because of the location even if they had named it The Turd, it will still bring in boatloads of money. It's a shame that Boyd never understood how valuable that location is and sold the Barbary Coast to Loveman.

@Blakjackkid That was a land deal, as Harrah's had acquired land next to the Stardust and swapped it with Boyd Gaming.

Looking closer, I am surprised at the choice of black cloth awnings over every window. Might look fine on the Flamingo side, but on those south and west facing angles I wonder how long that material will last as true black under the Vegas sun, do they really think they can fare better than the Paris balloon?

I like the logo, I'll hold off on my thoughts on the place until the remodel is done. I was never a fan of Barbary or Bills, so I'm not attached as others might have been to the old building.

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