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SLS: Lenny Kravitz, Designer... and A Pool On The Casino Roof!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 29th January 2014 10:03pm
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Above: the Foxtail pool under construction at SLS Las Vegas

SLS has spilled a bunch of information to Engineering News Record about the nuts and bolts of the renovated property, offering a bunch of details that will augment the massive breakdown of SLS Las Vegas that VT posted on Monday.

Some of the more interesting details include news that the casino floor podium will feature a 500 person capacity, 44,000 square foot pool area on the roof with "three wading pools, 20 cabanas, center bar and concert stage."

The entrance lobby, which I conjectured as being naturally lit, is actually a "backlit glass entryway floor." So you will walk into SLS over light... it could be a very neat effect... for the shoe mirror set.

The hotel towers will be painted white and grey and be used as a backdrop for projection screens, and probably advertisements. SLS will also boast a gigantic, 10,000 square foot LED marquee as well.

Hotel penthouses will be designed by guitar slinger Lenny Kravitz. Here's two photos of his penthouse designs for the SLS South Beach.

SLS Penthouse Lenny Kravitz

The living room / bar.... interesting design. The artwork makes it feel a bit cluttered.

SLS Penthouse Lenny Kravitz

Jacuzzi suite. The polished chrome mirror wall makes this photo look like a Storm Thorgerson/Hipgnosis album cover.

Construction is expected to be completed by July 19, 2014. Excited yet?

Thanks to VT VP of Research Mac78130 for another incredible find.

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Comments & Discussion:

Since when did Lenny Kravitz become a designer?

It looks alright. Something different that will bring a breath of fresh air to the north strip.

Remove the artwork, change the tile and it would look nice.
Or leave it and get drunk on cheap Walgreens booze and forget about how ugly the room looks.

I heard that Dave Matthews is designing the food court

I wouldn't knock Kravitz as a designer. He's owned a design firm for many years and one of its specialties are hotels. I believe they've designed some of the Delano rooms. They've also partnered with Fred Segal for a clothing and accessories line so it makes even more sense since Segal will dominate the retail side of SLS.

Owning a design firm doesn't make him a designer. Produce a document saying you went to school and showing your work before buying the firm...then maybe. If I had a zillion music dollars I could buy Frank Gehry's firm, but I still wouldn't be an architect for it.

That said, the penthouses border on bland for me. There's nothing giving them oomph. Overcluttered on some walls, bare on others, a reckless use of oversized frame elements, second hand designer purchases, and a floor that only looks good in either the Graystone Manor or a barbershop. Too little of too much.

Pool on the casino roof? Man, that's a vegas comedy movie scene that writes itself -
"Player has 12."
"Hit me!"

I like the beach scenes on the windows in the penthouse... will those be holographic displays?

Only Chuckmonster could tie in SLS Las Vegas with Pee Wee Herman. Hah!

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