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Light Group and VP of Entertainment Named In SHOCKING Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 21st January 2014 3:12pm
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The law firm of Campbell & Williams has filed, on behalf of their client Jane Doe, a complaint in United States District Court, District of Nevada, which alleges that Light Group Vice President Mustafa Abdi (aka Moose Diesel) engaged in multiple counts of sexual harassment with an employee during her shifts working as a table hostess at the brand new Light and Daylight at Mandalay Bay. The suit also claims that Light & Daylight management encouraged and rewarded this behavior amongst employees to create a party atmosphere. Furthermore it alleges that Light Group senior management and Human Resources enagaged in a cover up campaign against any and all sexual harassment allegations, in order to preserve the status quo.

The plaintiff claims that part of her job at Light Group was to "consume alcohol and socialize with high-level employees including [Light Group founder Andrew] Sasson and Abdi while working at Light Nightclub and outside of the workplace." Plaintiff also claims that she, and other female employees were instructed to "socialize, consume alcohol, and 'party' with wealthy guests in and outside of the workplace." Abdi allegedly demanded she kiss him on the lips and hug him nearly every day, creating an atmosphere where sexual harassment was implied to be part of the job.

The suit claims that Abdi made multiple verbal sexual advances towards her ranging from vulgar sexual remarks and requests to meet outside of the workplace for sex. After these were rebuffed, the complaint alleges that Abdi's overtures began to increase in intensity and became physical, rubbing his genitals on the Plaintiff and demanding she "touch it" at a private party, and doing the same at Daylight two days later in a storage room, twice three weeks later both at Light nightclub. The last time allegedly took place in the DJ Green Room, wherein Abdi locked the door and tried to perform oral sex on her. Another alleged attack took place in October, wherein Abdi licked the plaintiffs neck at work and told her "we better [expletive, redacted in complaint] before the end of the year."

The plaintiff claims that Light club management knew about and encouraged sexual harassment, rewarding employees who submitted to advances with better work hours in more profitable sections of the club. Employees who refused to submit were often terminated. Plaintiff alleges that workers were ordered to refrain from telling anyone about the work place atmosphere, repurposing Vegas' famous marketing campaign to say "what happens in the club stays in the club." The plaintiff also asserts that HR was more interested in covering up the claims of harrassment than representing or investigating on behalf of employees who report improper behavior.

After learning about plaintiff's intentions to pursue the matter legally, plaintiff stated that Light club held a meeting of all employees at Kumi Restaurant in Mandalay Bay concerning sexual harassment allegations. Upon arrival, the plaintiff claims she was publicly humiliated and escorted out of the meeting afterwhich remaining employees were required to fill out and sign documents that stated that they didn't see any drug use or sexual battery or harassment in the workplace.

The allegations, if true, expose Mandalay Bay's Light and Daylight clubs - a co-production of Light Group, Cirque du Soleil and MGM Resorts International - as a perilous workplace wherein sexual harassment, objectification and discrimination against female employees is institutionally mandated from dance floor to backrooms to the HR department whose very purpose is to recruit, retain and protect workers.

Light Group attorney Scott Mahoney told The Las Vegas Review-Journal:

We do not comment on pending litigation as a matter of policy. We do take seriously allegations of this sort by all current and former employees.

Morgans Hotel Group (owner of Light Group), MGM Resorts International (owner of Mandalay Bay) and Cirque du Soleil (partner in Cirque du Soleil) were NOT named in the lawsuit.

Here is the full complaint as filed with U.S. District Court... not for the squeamish.

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Comments & Discussion:

The LVRJ article linked in this piece mentions that a similar lawsuit was filed in 2011. Supposedly that one was settled out of court.

What's going to kill the nightclubs in Vegas aren't the patrons, but the folks that run the clubs. To pull a quote from "Casino":

"But in the end, we fucked it all up. It should'a been so sweet, too. But it turned out to be the last time that street guys like us were ever given anything that fuckin' valuable again."

Let's not forget about the IRS raid on Pure (and Pure Management Group) back in 2008, which raised some concerns as well and probably contributed to them being acquired by Angel Management Group in 2010(who seem to be having some conflicts, as they've already been tossed from running Beacher's Madhouse at MGM Grand a few weeks after opening).

What may end up happening is that the casinos take the clubs back from the companies they are leasing it to so to keep the Gaming Control folks from breathing down their necks.

I think vespa is right. This is happening too often with these clubs. I would think that the Gaming Control people are already paying close attention to things like this.

I'm with Vespa too. If a big revenue-generating aspect of a highly regulated industry is f'ing up consistently (e.g. IRS, drugs, prostitution, etc.), you better bet the NGC is or will be putting some heat on the licensees.

A dude named "Moose Diesel" was inappropriate? I don't believe it

Amazing how much control over a non-gaming aspect the Nevada Gaming Control can have. But I support the involvement of the NGC, if it isn't already.

I like to be around people who like to "party" - if it's of their own free will. Employees should never be FORCED, implicitly or explicitly, to do any "partying" on behalf of the company.

I hope these allegations aren't true. But if they are, I hope she and the court can fiscally castrate those responsible.

Something tells me sex is the currency in this tawdry business for young women who want a job, prime hours, and/or prime tables, because these are jobs where the otherwise unskilled gals can make more in a night than most of us make in a week. Add in a management team filled with D-bags, and voila, consensual play for pay.

This atmosphere is also ripe for gals looking for that golden kiss goodbye, too, i.e. claim harassment to get yourself a five-figure severance check when you're ready to move on. Easy peasy in such a sexually charged workplace.

I'm as ready as the next person to convict "Moose Diesel" of dastardly deeds purely on his choice of name, but you never know what's what in these cases when you're just looking in from the outside.

I'm as ready as the next person to convict "Moose Diesel" of dastardly deeds purely on his choice of name, but you never know what's what in these cases when you're just looking in from the outside.

The filing of a sexual harassment suit, especially against a defendant that will likely blackball the plaintiff forever, is not to be taken lightly and to refer to the plaintiff as a "gal" working in an industry "ripe for gals looking for that golden kiss goodbye" is both cynical and misogynistic.

sorry @slade, I think that girl, wether she gets paid or not, will just walk to another nightclub and take the same job. Maybe go to a different city, but she will just keep doing the same thing.

unless she's real smart and takes her money and gets out of the biz, but that isn't very likely. As cynical and misogynistic as it sounds, it's unfortunatly true..

And I'm thinking of changing my last name to Diesel too.....

"Sorry folks, club's closed. Moose Diesel out front should've told you."

jeez, slade, sorry to get your hackles up. But you're wrong. Defendants have rights too.

If you ask me, the very fact that Moose and Light Group didn't settle before it reached court may very well mean they're NOT going to roll over and pay through the nose for something that did not happen as "plaintiff" claims. That's the flip side here. We shall see.

And please, "blackball the plaintiff forever?" Moose? A mid-level grunt named Moose has that power? Get outa here...

This thread is less exciting without pictures.

If you've ever been to Diablo's, he was also known as "El Moosa Libre". He was dressed as a mexican wrestler and pour tequila shots into peoples mouths. I knew him many years back and unfortunately this isn't all that shocking.

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