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Meet The Cosmopolitans!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 20th January 2014 11:06am
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Ladies and gentlemen, the first reality television cartoon-u-mentary".... The Cosmopolitans.

What happens when the most corrupt bank in the world tries to manage it's own 3.9 BIllion Dollar Hotel and Casino?

Holy crap.

Based on actual people and real events, this animated satire gives the viewer an inside and exclusive peek into the day to day lives of the Cosmopolitan's upper management team. These folks are arguably the most incompetent, inexperienced, and truly bizarre group of individuals to ever try to run a Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Based on real news stories, guest recollections, player's experiences, phone conversations, court records, police reports, eyewitness accounts, celebrity observations, and the testimony of it's employees, this new program shows us a side of Las Vegas we never knew existed, and in most cases, would prefer to forget.

Holy crap.

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Please let there be an apology Scotch scene.......

says the first 5 episodes are free but they all are asking me for a password

Earning my honorary "ferret of the day" badge for the internet mafia...The guy behind this is Darryl Rosenblatt aka "Magician Devon Cage". He claims he is getting death threats from Deutsche Bank. He also claims he is challenging their gaming license. The petition site below is a hilarious read if you are bored.






Additionally, he claims to make $300k a day playing penny slots. Hilarious.



Ok, well, that answers the "who" portion of my "WTF is this madness, why, and who spent time on it?" question. I like their ads, I mean, at least they are interesting. In reality, this dbag is just mad about their unionization policy?! Well then, I'll tell him exactly what I told the bullhorn blaring jackboots who were outside of Cosmo last visit as I entered: "Fark you, unions suck, and Cosmo rocks!"

Oh man...this episode might be the best. Almost Misnomer level stuff here:



What a total douche "Darryl" is. Real easy for him to use all his limited resources to try to stir up some attention for himself because he doesn't like the Cosmo's brilliant labor policies. Unions contribute SUM ZERO to a business and its employees. This guy needs to check in on the 61st floor and go look for the invisible bridge that is connected to his balcony. (Go take a flying leap you total douchebag)

Also, Darryl Rossenblatt is a thief and a FELON. Why post anything about him? He should be in a hole in the desert.

pretty lame website for an elite vegas host: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://rosenblattgaming.com/

@level42 I'm now reevaluating our friendship. I'm sure you understand.

Hah...now...I said "almost". Misnomer is still the reigning king of Vegas internet humor.

@level42 I've reviewed your findings and approve your "ferret of the day" badge.

Thanks Mac! I assume that comes with a free side of nudity?

Yes.. and a Verbena Cocktail when we meet.

Just another day with a disgruntled gambler... Wonder if they'll go after him at some point....

I thought the first 9 minute segment I saw was kinda funny. Sorta fits the WTF sentiment that we Baby Boomers have regarding the marketing direction of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Regarding the union issue: please forgive me for being a dumb Okie, but I thought that the German system was one of the most union influenced economies in the world. I would therefore think that Deutsche Bank would have a pretty good idea of how to work well with a strong union labor force. Sooo...I feel that the refusal of the Cosmopolitan to unionize their workforce is more of a desire to keep as much of their operations free of any obligations for the new owners (although I am convinced it is MGM and only MGM) in any legacy context. I don't think there are the Sheldon Adelson/Mitt Romney/old guard Republican style emotions that the evil union housekeepers are making it impossible for the poor, billionaire, getting filthy rich in a communist China, job creators to stay in business on the 70% plus, unionized since the 1950s Las Vegas Strip.

I could be wrong, since I am a dumb, high school gradiate Okie.

This dude is on reddit quite a bit. http://us.reddit.com/user/ThatMagicDad

Mac...every time I hear the word Verbena Cocktail, I think:


Pretty funny stuff!
"There's always Treasure Island" LOL

Now I'm not sure if I'm mor confused or less confused on the 2 nt comp in Dec where I was upgraded to a 1bdrm st based upon what I thought was minimal play the prev Feb. Could explain the lack of getting any silverware after 3 requests...the ads- um yeah, they intrigued me - the actual ambiance - yeah, it was fun, not quite commercial fun, but overall I had a good time. Slots tight, yes, Vp, poor, yes? Tables games, couldn't say. Question is - who, exactly, are they marketing to??? PS. yes, 1 bdrm suite awesome - although I did not have same experience as dude on window...

From what I have read, there's really only one sticking point that has prevented the unionized employees from getting a contract. Culinary wants a "continuation clause" written in the contract so that when Deutsche Bank finally sells the Cosmopolitan, the contract stays in effect with the new owners. The problem is such a clause makes it a bit more difficult for Deutsche Bank to sell the property, as while resorts with unionized employees have been sold in the past, typically the new owners will decide to either keep the current contract or renegotiate it. When Phil Ruffin bought the Frontier, it was during a long-running labor dispute between the owners and Culinary. In making the deal to buy the Frontier, he also made a deal with Culinary to end the labor dispute and that contract went into effect the day the sale closed. What Culinary is trying to do is dictate to Deutsche Bank how they're going to run their business. The recent tactics of bullying patrons as they go into or out of the property is almost Mob-like. Deutsche Bank doesn't want to be hamstrung with a union contract that makes it harder to sell the property, so until Culinary decides that they don't need the continuation clause (which is probably never going to happen), there will not be any labor peace at Cosmopolitan. It's a bit of a double-edged sword, as nobody these days is willing to purchase a company engaged in an ongoing labor dispute nor do that want a company in which the unionized workforce have a contract that gets forced upon them.

It would make the most sense for MGM to buy it since most people think it's part of City Center anyway. They need a mid-Strip property that's very hip & trendy and Cosmo needs MGM's player database.

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