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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Trippies Class of 2014

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 11th January 2014 9:20pm
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Congratulations to all of our amazing winners for such an amazing 2014 of Las Vegas.

We're incredibly proud to present the Trippies Class of 2014

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Comments & Discussion:

A real lovefest for The D, especially in the readers' votes. It's well deserved, but I infer a couple of things from the votes.

First, Vegas lovers are yearning for the old days, when properties had character and weren't just numbers on a balance sheet. Even younger visitors have a romantic notion of what "old Vegas" must have been like before MGM, Sands, Wynn, Caesars controlled most of the Strip. The D brings back those memories, real or perceived.

Second, no corporation could have made a management decision to open an "old-style casino resort" downtown. It just wouldn't have the soul that The D has. This is in large part because of the passion of Derek and Nicole Stevens. Can you imagine Steve and Andrea sitting at Parasol Up/Down having drinks or greeting guests like the Stevens do? (Or, Sheldon and Miriam for that metter. Hah, ha, hah.) The D understands customer service.

Based on the dining awards, Derek made all the right decisions in bringing in Detroit's best of the best: Joe Vicari, Joe Parrino and Grace Keros. The D would never have shot to the top if it had opened with generic, company owned restaurants. I'll always be a Detroiter, and it is so great to have another Detroiter show the world the good side of the city.

Derek Stevens proved his business acumen with Ajax Metal and Cold Heading. Now, his skill, combined with passion, has brought downtown Las Vegas to a new level, unimaginable a few years ago.

Long live Derek and Nicole, The D Las Vegas and Golden Gate!

Good thing there aren't downvotes on this forum because...

The hive mind on the reader votes this year was ridiculous. Like a lot of the people here, I am a listener of FHBM and enjoy it every week. I took my annual Vegas trip this year and I visited the D to see what all the fuss was about. I gambled and drank and ate there. And in the end, it was just a decent joint but nothing to write home about.

But looking at the Readers votes you would think it was the second coming of Wynn Las Vegas. I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it won Best Rooms. Seriously, Best Room!!!. Not "Best Room for the money". Not "Best Room Downtown". It won "Best Room" for all Las Vegas. That is just crazy talk. I am amazed the readers didn't vote The D Best Pool (it won Editor's worst) and Best Spa (it doesn't have a spa) too. Jeez!

Please don't get me wrong, I love this site. I love FHBM and I do enjoy all the VIMFP talk (I couldn't make it this year but wanted to). But just because The D gets a lot of (free marketing no less) buzz around this part of the internet does not mean it should have been in as many "Best" categories as it did.

Now with that said, the Editors votes were funny as hell at times. I though Worst Chef category writeup was phenomenal.

Great job once again with the Trippies ... the commentary was superb throughout. No wonder the site's been quiet lately! Thanks for the insights and the laughs. Very well done!

Every year there always those that complain about a certain property winning a number of awards. In previous years people complained about the love Wynn, Encore, and Cosmo got from the readers and the editors. The love that The D (and sister property Golden Gate) is getting was well earned. The D went above and beyond what was expected of the host hotel for VIMFP and that really goes a long way with the crowd around here. When The D held their grand opening celebration back in 2012, I had the chance to get a really good look at what had been done and came away impressed. That same weekend, VIMFP attendees get the invite from The D to the Bret Michaels concert. The D winning so many Trippies in such a short period of time shows that they're doing something right. I just went over the Trippies from previous years and the Trippies 08 had a category for best/worst grind joint and the editors picks were Golden Gate (best) and Fitzgerald's (worst). The following comment was made by the editors regarding Fitzgerald's:

"Time is ripe for a major re-investment or - hopefully - sale to an owner who actually gives a crap."

Fast forward several years and the place is a completely changed property with an owner that gives a crap.

This year is the fourth time there's been a category for best Downtown and The D wrestled the title from three time Trippies winner (reader's division)in the category Golden Nugget. Golden Gate took it from them on the editor's picks. For the longtime class joint of Downtown to see their title taken by upstarts like The D and the Golden Gate is telling. The fact that The D dominated the reader awards shows that they're doing something right and they're getting noticed. I haven't stayed at the Golden Gate since the renovations and expansion, but what's been done there really has livened the place up. Who knows, maybe Derek Stevens is the next Jackie Gaughan and will own a few more properties on Fremont Street. Vegas needs more owners like Derek Stevens and some of the current ones could learn a thing or two from him.

Derek Stevens wants to be the next Gaughan. He's the one who tried to buy the Las Vegas Club.

That's who I figured it was, as no other Downtown operator would be likely interested in the place.

I was informed of this by a bartender at Golden Gate, and in my email to Chuck for my Golden Gate review, I told him. He verified this with Derek too. So hat tip to Eric the bartender at golden gate for the info!

I love what the D has become as well and agree that some of the category wins were more from emotion than reality. I loved my suite at the gate and misnomer's suite at the D but they are not the best rooms in town but I would say they are best in their class for sure. Owners that care and engage their guests will win people over everytime so i completely understand the landslide win by the D and I love it. Congrats Derek, Nicole and your awesome team. See you in May at VT10!!

I can see how people can get enthusiastic when a property exceeds one's limited expectations and does so in an old school revamped classy kind of way as the D did. But best blackjack? In all Vegas?
That is something that is almost, not totally but almost, objectively quantifiable. Best low limit maybe, but ElCo is better there albeit crowded. Aria is a better place to put your money out on.
This might sound picky but best blackjack in Vegas should be a well deserved feather in any casino cap.
Great stuff with the whole poll though.

I gave my vote to Deadspin.

Thanks for all the hard work VT crew, I know it can't be easy to put thing together.

I can only imagine Blackjacker's passioned pleas for flair bartenders winning the worst trend. Clank, clank, clank.

Congrats to the D, and although I don't anticipate you going in this direction, I think it's important to point out, that in years past, there does tend to be a favorite of the VT crowd, and it's very easy to fall flat and rest on your laurels. I really don't want to see you become the Trop in regards to the VT base. Keep doing what you are doing, you have given at least a portion of the market (mid-market) the exact thing we've been begging for (for years) and you are building some solid brand loyalty. Your solid value, open style, and willingness to be a member of the community and listen to feedback is a welcome addition to how any company should be run, especially one that tends to inspire passion in people.

I don't think anybody should be shocked by "homer" picks. That happens every year and should be expected. I think the bigger issue is the credibility of the Vegas Internet Mafia, their fans and Derek Stevens. The walls between them have been coming down for years and VIMPF took it to a whole new level. The whole satin casino jacket that Derek wore was completely over the top. Like it or not, the members of the Mafia are part of the media. It might be a form of alternative media but they are very influential and have plenty of fervent followers. When Derek wore it and openly kissed up to the mafia and its followers, that took things too far and opens everyone up for serious criticism. I like Derek and I think he's doing a great thing but he should've used better judgment in promoting not only himself, but also an influential group of people. The constant love in between all the parties gives skeptics reasons to wonder if the fix is in.

Can you imagine the reaction if John Unwin started pimping Vegas Chatter and then VC wrote a bunch of good press about Cosmo while also bestowing them a bunch of awards? How bout a chef doing the same to John Curtas while watching the accolades roll in? People would be very skeptical and rightly so. The accolades might be warranted but quite frankly, something like that looks bad for all involved and hurts their credibility. Maybe the walls need to be brought up just a little. Personally, I like it better when the media and casino owners/operators aren't so close personally and openly fawning over one another.

The majority of the votes for the D were from the ballots, not editors. I understand your point on journalistic integrity, but VT, Fivehundy, Vegas Gang or any of the others, have never claimed to be (at least to my knowledge) journalists. These are fan sites, fan podcasts, and fan blogs. It's here as a community as we all are fans.

The D's popularity this year isn't because they shined up Chuck, Hunter, Tim, or anyone else, it's because they engaged the community, and given the size of this community is fairly small on the scale of visitors to Vegas, take it for what it's worth, not to mention if you've read or listened for any amount of time, you'd know that all of the 'vegas internet mafia' (well except maybe Misnomer, he's a suckup) call it as they see it if things change.

I want to thank Chuck and the VT group for the effort that it took to not only create the Trippies, but to produce the event on Saturday night. I was looking forward to really making the most of this event, so, as one of the older guys, I "napped" earlier in the day so I would be able to take in as much of the goofiness that I possibly could. I was not disappointed. I followed the stream, the chat, and the reactions on twitter. In addition to the announcements, I read with great interest as side comments were made about the Silverton, Monte Carlo, The Quad, and others. I find that one of the fascinating things about Vegas is that in two short years, a property like the D can make such a strong statement to the community that they are serious about gaining the loyalty of their clientele. How cool would it be if the Quad, (where many of us have had a surprisingly good time), established a successful identity? Or, the changes around the Monte Carlo helped accentuate what I consider to be a under-rated property? So I guess for me, like Las Vegas, the Trippies will always be what you make of it. Hope to see everyone in Vegas where I manage to stay up late every night; nap or no nap.

jinx, i voted for both The D and Golden Gate in several categories. There's no doubt they deserve some accolades. My point is did people vote for them because they legitimately think they are the best or did they do it because they are cozy with the mafia , the community and openly support it?

I had a great time! And I apologize for my nakedness.

I also look forward to reading the results of this poll. I like to see the readers and editors conclusions but also differences in their voting.

I say THANKS to those involved with all aspects of this poll. You guys did another great job!!

I did vote again this year and even provided some nominations. However I voted for only categories and for selections in which I had “experience”. I have not played Vegas slots in sufficient quantities for me to vote for this category, so I did not vote for any slots. I did this with a few other categories (e.g., night and day clubs, downtown).

I have read many stories posted to this site about “The D” and the good times during VIMFP. However, I did not vote for “The D” just because this place sounded like a good time. I have not yet visited “The D” so I cannot cast my vote (good or bad) for this place.

Maybe I am just one, but I would expect other voters did not “jump on “The D” bandwagon”.

Understood Marty, I voted for some things at the D, and my guess is that many voted for them based on their experience at VIMFP and how the D treated them at the event.

Outside of a small sampling, let's not forget that some of the voters either haven't been to Vegas in the past year or might have gotten their once, for someone going once and having a great time staying at the D, it's not unreasonable to see them vote for the D hotel room vs Encore or bellagio where they may have never seen inside of.

After sitting back and observing the responses to the winners I guess it's time to put my two cents in. I like what has happened to the D and Stevens is a great guy but it isnt the best on some of the categories. I didn't stay there because I prefer to stay on the Strip so most of my votes went to Strip properties because those are the places I hung out and went to. I go once a year as I would bet most of us here do so you vote on where you have been.

Thanks for the fun webcast! With polls like these I tend to be influenced by what my favorite experience has been. I don't see how I can't. So for me it has to be subjective. I had a great time mulling over my votes this year, and enjoyed the laughs during the reveal. Long live Vegas!!!

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