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The VegasTripping Holiday Gift Guide 2013

By Misnomer on Friday, 6th December 2013 1:57pm
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The holidays are fast approaching, and no matter which god you worship or deny, nothing fills the heart with joy quite like the gift of giving gifts to the gifted. To help you with your shopping, we present the VT Holiday Gift Guide.

Gifts Under $5

Circus Circus Blinko the Clown Postcard This original, unused postcard from Circus Circus screams vintage Vegas! Or perhaps those are the screams of the person you gave this too. Perfect for collectors of postcards, Vegas memorabilia, or John Wayne Gacy artifacts.

Bicycle Hemp Playing Cards Each deck comes with 52 playing cards, plus 2 Jokers, 1 Smoker, and 1 Midnight Toker. High card wins. Hit me!

Gifts Under $50

Caesars Hair Hat This is purportedly a vintage hair extension piece worn by Caesars cocktail waitresses back in the day. Made from real human hair. This one says "Cynthia""" inside, and we can only assume that she was scalped by Blinko the Clown.

Frank Sinrata Music Orniment Though decidedly less popular than Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinrata was nevertheless a Las Vegas Ledgend, worthy of his own orniment.

Gifts Under $100

One Share of Mirage Resorts, Inc. Stock Here we have one share of stock in Mirage Resorts, Inc., and it's signed by Mr. Stephen A. Wynn. We suggest you gift this and instruct its recipient to storm into Wynn's office, demand payment, and shout, "You thought Okada was your problem! Hahahahahahaha!" They'll no doubt be eaten by an attack-trained German Shepherd, but their Vine video will be the stuff of ledgend.

Gifts Under $10,000

Elvis Presley's Shower Door Imagine, giving the shower door from the very Aladdin honeymoon suite where the King himself once took care of business. Picture your loved one, standing there, all lathered up, washing the peanut butter and banana out of his or her chin folds, before they karate kick that sumbitch open to the soaring horns of See See Rider! Ten thousand bucks? So worth it.

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FYI, as far as I know the Elvis shower door does NOT include a supply of artisanal nut butters or bananas.

This year's guide is impeccable!

I'm eyeing that hair hat. Might make an interesting merkin.

Blinko (a/k/a Pennywise) will be starring in my nightmare tonight. Thanks.

Can't sleep, clown'll eat me...


MGM Resorts International stock closed at $20.17 today. Thanks JIMBO!

clowns creep me out but they didn't until i went inside circus circus in the 70's.

Porn-slapper cards make great bookmarks as well!

Love the Frank Sinrata orniment....

Wait. The Frank Sinrata Music Orniment Ledgends Series is USED?
Does that mean it doesn't play Lye Me to the Mono anymore?


Wow, The Mirage stock certificate is pretty cool and revealing! I never thought that Wynn Resorts' logo was actually The Steve's signature but it is! Wow, good stuff.

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